How to Get Rid of Christmas Clutter Before the Holidays

by Simplify

If you want to avoid Christmas clutter, you might need to do some pre-Christmas decluttering. Between Christmas trees, stockings, gifts, and all the other holiday paraphernalia, our houses can start to feel messy quickly. This year, get rid of excess before the holiday.

Sometimes we don’t want to donate or get rid of things because we think we might need them one day. If you haven’t used it yet, you probably don’t need it. Whatever it is, you can probably get another if you do end up needing it in the future. Take an inventory so you know what you have and what’s extra.

Start by going through your winter gear. If you have extra hats, mittens, coats, or blankets, consider donating them. You can also look through old toys. Kids these days are drowning in stuff. They’ll likely be getting new toys for Christmas anyway, so odds are they won’t mind donating some of their old toys to kids in need.

You might have food you can donate. Maybe you bought canned food that was on sale, but you never ended up using it. Look through your pantry and see what is taking up space.

How to get rid of Christmas clutter

If you still have holiday décor left in your storage bin after you decorate your house for Christmas, you’re probably never going to use those decorations. Many donation centers won’t take holiday décor other times of the year. Donate them now so they can bring Christmas cheer to someone new, as opposed to ending up in a landfill.

Christmas clutter to clear

This is the best time of year to share some of your excess with others. It feels good to give and it will feel great to free up space around the house. Decluttering before Christmas starts will give you more room to enjoy the holiday.

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  • Barb Kittell Barb Kittell on Dec 30, 2022

    I help operate a food pantry. Before donating non-perishable food items, please check the dates and the conditions of the cans, boxes, containers or pouches. We are a USDA provided food pantry and we have federal guidlelines we have to follow, in order to distribute the food items.