How to Declutter Christmas Decorations Once & For All

by Simplify

Have you ever taken your Christmas decor out of storage only to realize just how much you actually own?

We’ve all been there. Christmas decor is so fun to buy, that sometimes even the most minimalist of us tend to get carried away. And that’s why Dawn, The Minimal Mom herself, is showing you how to declutter your Christmas decorations before you put them away again this season.

Believe it or not, decluttering holiday decorations doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Dawn shows you how to declutter holiday decorations quickly and easily during the busiest season ever.

Dawn says that all you have to do is ask yourself one question. And that question is, “If I had to use a gauge to rate how my holiday decor made me feel, would I fall in the green zone where I’m not stressed out by the amount of Christmas decor I have at all, in the red zone where I’m totally stressed out by all the holiday clutter, or somewhere in the middle."

By using this mental gauge, you can decide to declutter Christmas stuff in a large sweeping way or just a few pieces at a time. And this technique works well when it comes to decluttering Christmas ornaments too.

Decluttering Christmas decorations

In essence, Dawn says that having too many Christmas decor pieces can feel so overwhelming that you don’t even get excited to decorate for the holidays anymore. But once you pair down, and get yourself back into the green zone, you no longer have too many decor pieces to manage, and you start to get excited about decorating for the holidays again.

How to declutter Christmas decorations

Lastly, Dawn says not to compare yourself to others. Instead of trying to keep up with everyone else, declutter your Christmas decorations to just the right amount for your family.

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