How to Declutter Christmas Decorations Over the Festive Season

by Simplify

Christine decides to declutter Christmas decorations before the holiday. She has four bins of decorations in storage. Her hope is to eliminate enough stuff to enable her to put back fewer bins than she took out.

Every year she takes out her bins, finishes decorating, and she still has stuff in the bins that aren’t being used. There’s no point in storing decorations she doesn’t even use during the holiday.

Christine feels confident about eliminating hand-me-downs that she’s received from other family members. As far as she can tell, ‘hand me down,’ is code for, ‘stuff we don’t want anymore.’

Since none of it holds sentimental value to her, she decides to donate them. She also decides to donate extra bulbs. She hopes they can bring some Christmas cheer into a home that needs them.

One of the four bins contains an artificial Christmas tree. Christine’s family has used real trees in the past. They have even tried cutting down their own tree from the forest. Ultimately, they decided it was too hard to find a nice, manicured-looking tree in the wild.

How to declutter Christmas decorations

When they have used real trees, the stand never seems able to hold the tree up securely. Real trees also make a lot of mess.

That means the bin for the artificial tree will be going back into storage after Christmas. It is a keeper. A simple Nativity scene is also deemed worthy to stay. She keeps some ribbon to decorate the banisters in place of garlands, to reduce mess.

How to declutter Christmas decorations

Christine manages to declutter enough to eliminate two of the four bins she started with. It’s gratifying to know that the items she’s donating will be used to bring joy to someone else this Christmas, instead of sitting in storage. This Christmas declutter was a success.

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