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by Jakia | SoleOrganizer

Planning a trip can be exciting but it also requires a little work because you have to research lodging, transportation options, restaurants, and things to do. In addition, there are important matters that have to be taken care of at home before leaving for the trip. But many people tend to overlook this step, and as a result, could end up forgetting to pack something that they need for the trip or end up paying unnecessary baggage fees because they packed way too much. Here are three tips that will teach you how to properly prepare for a trip in an organized fashion:

Create a checklist

I recommend writing down a list of tasks that must be completed before leaving for your trip. For example, If you run a small business or tend to receive a lot of emails then setup an away message to make people aware that you will respond to their message when you return. If you have someone who will be handling tasks for you while you're way then create a list of clear instructions that are easy for them to follow. When it comes to packing for a trip, take some time to think about what clothing items you will need so that your suticase doesn’t become over-packed. An over-packed suitcase can lead to unnecessary baggage fees if it's overweight.

Take into consideration the weather when packing - will it be cold, hot, or chance or rain? This determines the type of clothes you will need to pack. Write it all down and use your list as a guide when packing your suitcase. When you have placed an item in your suitcase or completed a task then cross if off of the list I personally feel that creating lists allows me to stay on track, allows me to pack what I need vs. what I want and most importantly reminds me to tackle certain tasks before having some fun!

The travel checklist allows you to:

- identify the items that need to be packed

- minimizes over-packing your suitcase

- prevents you from leaving items behind- complete important tasks before your trip

“A travel checklist can prevent you from over-packing your suitcase which can incur fees for being overweight.”

Storage for travel items

Use a basket, container or designate a space where you can specifically store items related to travel. This will allow you to quickly access any travel-related items when needed instead of searching all over the home which can be time consuming. Its a favorite tip of mine that I also shared within the New York Times - travel section. By having a specific storage space for your travel items, it allows you to take inventory of your items; therefore, if you need to restock on a certain item, great, and if you don’t then that’s also great because you get to save money. Consider the following example. Have you ever waited until the night before to pack? (I don’t recommend it). While packing, you realize you don’t have moisturizer for your trip and you consider buying it once you reach your destination but then you remember you prefer a particular brand. So, you rush to the store to purchase your favorite moisturizer and then head back home to pack! If there was a "travel space" already in place then making an impromptu run to the store would not have to occur. The time used to drive to the store to make a purchase could have been time used to pack.

Creating a space for your travel items, does the following:

1) eliminates searching for items when prepping for a trip = time-saver

2) helps you stay organized

3) saves money

My airline of choice is  Southwest. They didn't pay me to say this but their flight attendants and pilots are always friendly and the prices are affordable. But what I really like is that the first two checked bags fly for free. Honestly, more airlines should follow suit and update their baggage fee policies because I find it ridiculous to pay for luggage.

Once airlines started doing this, many people including myself started traveling with one bag that can fit in the overhead bins to avoid baggage fees.

Here is what I suggest:

- Purchase travel-sized items and pack 2 bags (1 personal + 1 carry-on bag) which is allowed on the airline but always be sure to double-check before flying. Seriously, no one has time to pay for checked bags.

- If you don’t want to purchase travel-sized toiletries, then you can still use your own products but be sure to store them in clear,  travel-sized bottles . Be sure to label the bottles so you can identify the contents.

- Purchase small  labels or create a label by using masking or decorative tape

- Utilize clear pouches or travel pouches to store inside your carry-on bags

- Another alternative is to use a Ziplock bag(s) and label the items of each bag with a marker and tape. Done!

The whole purpose of traveling is to relax, have fun and explore! Hopefully, these organizing tips will help alleviate the stress of packing and save you time and money.

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Jakia | SoleOrganizer
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  • Holly O. Holly O. on Oct 09, 2023

    I must say I am the traveler that waits until the night before and this only leads to mass chaos! I enjoyed your post and will be putting the information to good use! Thank you!