The 5 Habits of Tidy People & How You Can Become a Tidier Person

by Simplify

There’s no better time than the present to finally tackle those home projects you’ve been putting off for so long. And Kallie Branciforte, from But First, Coffee, wants to make your honey-do list even easier to complete this year by sharing the 5 habits of tidy people with you today.

According to Kallie, the 5 things people with a tidy home do on a regular basis are understand that you are what you repeatedly do, maintain discipline now or experience regret later, simplify their stuff, focus on flat surfaces, and spend time at home.

What she means by this is that the biggest impact you can make is to accomplish small tasks repeatedly over time—as opposed to only getting involved in huge, overwhelming projects occasionally—to stay focused on your goal, develop a routine of getting rid of unwanted stuff every day, eliminate any visual clutter, and schedule enough time at home to maintain your newly developed tidy habits.

Once you start incorporating these 5 habits into your own life, you’ll learn how to be a tidy person without a lot of extra effort or time.

The habits of tidy people

And that’s because Kallie says learning how to be a tidier person is a learned skill. If you’re not tidy now, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy or a slob. It just means that you haven’t mastered the art of being a tidy person yet and anytime is a good time to get started. So, why not now?

The 5 habits of tidy people

By sharing the 5 habits of tidy people, Kallie’s ultimate goal is to help you become a tidier person without any extra hassle. Your life is busy enough as it is. And simple really is better when it comes to creating a clean space for your entire family to enjoy year-round

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To see more videos, check out the But First, Coffee YouTube channel.

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  • JuneMcMahon JuneMcMahon on Dec 14, 2022

    its great but thes pojects don't include animals. when you have an old dog whose ppop just falls out of him and 6 cats and 6 litter boxes, with litter slung around everywhere, and cat puke in three piles a foot away from each other. stuff has to be done everyday to keep it clean

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  • April April on Dec 15, 2022

    I hear you June; I have 4 pups and a cat. Thankfully she the "Me-Nu" cat has a heated basement and gets to "come out at night" upstairs as she does while I go rest w/the dogs. Little as they all are they can make a mess if we do not stay on top of it. Hair, dander, litter trail needs constant supervision and well...drops. My elder male has always had "release" issues wherein his tummy tightens up when he has to go and....he walks in circles and plop - there he goes. He is all of 6 lbs. and he can't help it. I feed him Iam's chicken tidbits as a result to try and keep his internal systems healthy. I have learned to live with it b/c I love him so. Paper towels and mops are great!!!! ?...What can I say; I have a love relationship w/both my vacuum and mop, lol! But I love these little guys. I wasn't meant to keep all of them but then covid in/covid out and 2 came back to me unexpectedly. They are not going anywhere as long as I can care for them. Noone seems to need little ones anymore/on the uptick in populace. It's sad for those that don't have a place to call home! I feel blessed to have them in any case. They do bring many antics and happy joy outside of the necessary clean up that can occur. And they have a natural in-home dog run in my house that runs upwards of 80 feet round trip w/out having to go outside in the snow in the frigid winters we have that they just adore. Wood floors.....Blessings!!!!!!! ;) Happy Holiday's to you and yours!!!!