Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks & Space-Saving Storage Ideas

by Simplify

Is it possible to keep a kitchen organized, and looking good? Kristen McGowan has storage and organization ideas to make the kitchen more functional and beautiful. These kitchen organization ideas and products can transform your kitchen.

For small kitchens without a lot of storage space, the Our Place pots and pans are a game-changer. These pans are designed to take the place of multiple cookware items. For example, the Always Pan functions as a frying pan, a steamer, and a deep-fryer, and even has a spoon rest built into it.

The Our Place cookware is beautiful and cleans easily. Users can customize it, by picking their color of choice. Kristen additionally saves space with Our Place cookware, by leaving it on the stovetop as a display, because the pans are fairly attractive.

Another place that tends to get disorganized is the refrigerator. A kitchen organizing idea for people who have a lot of canned drinks is to use a beverage dispenser.

It almost turns the refrigerator into a vending machine, moving drinks forward as they are used, and keeping them towards the front of the refrigerator. Kristen showed off a beverage dispenser with adhesives that could be used to stick it to the refrigerator shelves.

It’s not always easy to fit everything in the drawer. Kristen showed off a kitchen organizer that is a short, compact, multi-layered knife block. It has space to fit many knives but is small enough to slide right into a drawer.

Kristen maximizes her kitchen space with a peel-and-stick towel rod on the side of her refrigerator. It makes the space functional and can be used for more than just towels; adding s-hooks allows for hanging mugs and spoons from the rod. It keeps the space tidy and makes it approachable by keeping items on display and allowing guests to see what is in the kitchen.

Kitchen organization hacks

Kristen also showed off the clear garbage bag dispensers that she uses. She takes the roll of trash bags out of the original packaging and puts them into the easy-to-use dispensers that keep them neat and allow her to see how many she has left.

Next to the stove, Kristen has a small stand. It can be used for cookbooks, but can also hold a wet lid in the middle of cooking. This keeps countertops clean and drip-free.

Kitchen organization hacks

Kitchen organization can be a challenge. Kristen shares kitchen organization ideas that can help keep things neat and attractive. How do you organize your kitchen? Let us know in the comments.

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To see more videos, check out the Kristen McGowan YouTube channel.

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