8 Genius RV Space-Saving Ideas & Organization Hacks

Hi, welcome to Over the Hill Adventures. Today we are going to go over some updates from our last organizing tutorial and share a few more RV space-saving ideas. Let's get started.

RV organization ideas

1. Spice rack update

In my last organizing installment, I showed you how I hung a spice rack next to our cooktop to clear up the counter space. We found that we had more spice jars to store than originally thought, so we decided to hang a second rack to make sure we continue having a clutter-free counter.

This way, we always have the spices we use most often right next to us when we cook, and they don’t sit out on the counter when we are not using them.

We like things to look cohesive, so my husband came up with the great idea of buying some matching jars and filling them with our spices. They come with a chalkboard sticker and chalk marker, so it is easy to label them.

These racks have been great at keeping the kitchen organized and having all the spice jars match is a really cute touch.

Spice rack storage in an RV

The spices we do not use often or are too big for the rack are stored in the shelf we have below our sink. It is roomier than a spice rack, so it is perfect for storing larger items.

RV storage above the sink

2. Above sink storage

I found some bins that fit perfectly in the cupboard above my sink. I do keep a rubber shelf liner up there, to give them a little extra stability when we're driving but three fit well and they are useful for keeping things organized.

You could have medicine in one, stationary in another, extra kitchen accessories in the last, the list goes on, the point is they are great RV storage idea.

RV storage ideas

3. Rubber bins

While we're talking storage bins, I also wanted to share this find. They are spacious, soft-sided rubber bins and we keep them up in the overhead cupboards for items we do not need to get to that often.

I love that they can be used to store larger items like binoculars or headlamps or smaller items like maps and magazines. They are a nice versatile bin for RV storage.

RV space-saving hacks in the bathroom

4. Bathroom cubbies

The shelves in our bathroom are an odd size. The opening is probably only five inches, but the inside is larger with some depth. I needed something that would fit in the space, would not slide about and I could still get out if needed.

The solution was these little bins that are slightly bendable. They slot into the opening and fit nicely inside the space and if I need to get them out, their flexible nature allows for that. Now we can each have our basket of goodies hidden inside the built-in cubbies and not worry about them falling out.

Shower storage

5. Shower storage update

While we're in the bathroom, let’s take a look at how I updated the storage in our shower. We have had the soap dispenser for about six months now and it works phenomenally. But I still needed a way to store our razors and sponges, so I bought these little razor holders that stick to the wall.

They keep the razors in arms reach, clean, and out of the way, and then on one of the hooks I hung the shower sponge. It really is great having the floor space in the shower while still being able to have everything accessible.

RV space-saving ideas for the bathroom

6. Compact soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

One more bathroom RV space-saving hack is to use these slim, compact soap dispensers and toothbrush organizers. Since they are non-slip and have a heavier base, we can leave them here while we travel. They fit perfectly into the corner and are easy to store.

The soap dispenser is non-drip, so the basin counter stays clean. If you prefer to have your toothbrushes out of site, you can stick the toothbrush holder in your medicine cabinet; it does not take up a lot of space.

Using a steamer on clothes

7. Steamer

 My daughter got me this steamer as a gift for Christmas about three years ago and it has changed my life. I always keep it in the trailer, it is perfect for traveling and works really well. You add filtered water, and it takes about one minute to heat up and you’re on your way to crease-free clothes.

RV space-saving ideas

8. Wall organizer

Now we are going to answer the question, what do we do with all the maps and pamphlets we receive from resorts? I was finding that they were just all over my table and we could never really find what we were looking for.

So, the RV organization idea I came up with was to use a wall organizer. I attached it to the wall with Velcro strips and it holds a lot of paperwork. The main thing is, that all the maps and pamphlets are off the table, and we can find what we need easily. 

RV space-saving ideas

I really hope these ideas help you organize your RV. I'd like to take a moment and just thank everyone for the support that we’ve had. I think it's fun to share ideas!

If anyone has any of their own RV space-saving ideas that make life easier, please share them down below. It encourages us when we hear from you guys, so keep the comments coming! Thanks again.

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