7 RV Storage & Organization Ideas That Help Save Space

Welcome to Over the Hill Adventures! Storage in an RV is always an issue. Cupboards are tiny, counter space is lacking and the bathrooms are minuscule, so to help you free up some space and find extra storage in your RV, we're going to share seven RV organization ideas.

Under cabinet paper towel holder

1. Under cabinet paper towel holder

When looking for RV space-saving hacks, the first thing I am interested in is more kitchen counter space. Although paper towel is functional, it takes up unnecessary space on the counter, so I found a simple solution to regain that space.

I decided to use a paper towel holder that attaches to the underside of the cabinet with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. Make sure to clean the underneath of your cabinets well and measure the area using a full roll of paper towel, this will help you find the perfect spot to stick the holder. It looks elegant and stylish and has freed up this area of the counter.

Spice rack organization

2. Spice rack

Idea number two is another RV storage idea for the kitchen. If you are dealing with spices on the counter and this drives you crazy, you might want to invest in a little wire rack. Having your spices off the counter will neaten up your area and give you more prep space to make cooking easier.

The racks I bought come in a set of 4 and attach to a wall with stick-on hooks. This is great as no drilling is required. Make sure to thoroughly assess where the best place to stick the wire rack is and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and grease and ensure the hooks adhere to the wall properly.

Attach the hooks and rack and add your spices. It looks so neat, and much more appealing to the eye.

Shower dispenser in the bathroom

3. Shower dispenser

RVs do not come with the largest showers, so idea number three helps you solve the issue of shower space by moving your toiletries off the floors and onto the wall.

We purchased a three-chamber soap dispenser, and again it will stick to the wall. We've had this up for a couple of months now, and it's fantastic.

Heads up, once you fill it up with your toiletries, it does require priming, you need to pump it a lot when you initially use it but then it works well. You have your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash off the floor giving you extra space when you shower.

Hanging storage bags

4. Hanging storage bags

Tip number four is for all your accessories. I've come up with a little storage solution for organizing items such as hats, jewelry, wallets, and more and that solution are these three-pocket storage bags.

They are lightweight and easy to hang on a command hook. The pockets are a nice size and can fit a variety of accessories. My husband and I each have one hanging next to our closets and we also have one by the entrance for wallets, sunglasses, and our dogs’ leashes.

These bags are extremely convenient and are a great RV space-saving idea for all the little things that end up scattered around, creating clutter.

Expandable utensil tray

5. Expandable utensil tray

The fifth item I use for RV storage is an expandable organizing tray. Drawers in RVs are different sizes, so this thing is fantastic. The one I chose is a regular-sized organizer that comes with a bottom tray allowing you to make the organizer larger to fit the size of your specific drawer. It fits snugly and helps organize your utensils so you can use every inch of space.

Collapsible dish rack

6. Collapsible dish rack

Number six is a great idea for dish drying. I bought this collapsible dish rack that comes with a water tray and an adequate amount of space for dishes and utensils to dry.

Once everything has finished drying, I can pack them all into the cupboards, and instead of leaving the tray out on the counter, it can be flattened and slipped into a cupboard. This frees up so much counter space and keeps everything tidy.

RV organization ideas

7. Pasta storage container

Spaghetti is always a difficult item to store as most of the containers are vertical and might not fit nicely into cupboards. I found these great containers that are long enough to store your spaghetti or lasagna and they stack neatly on top of one another. These are great for RV storage; I was very excited to find them!


RV organization ideas

Those are my seven RV organization ideas. All these items have really helped save us space and keep our small living area clutter free and organized. If you guys have any comments or questions, please let me know. I would be happy to help. Take care. Bye. 

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  • Dorothy Dorothy on Oct 18, 2023

    Great tips. Thank you for sharing. This is my first year living in a travel trailer. Space saving ideas are a must.