15 Dollar Tree Storage Ideas & Organization Hacks For Small Spaces

If you've got too much clutter in your home, bring these Dollar Tree storage solutions ideas into your life. There are 15 ways to organize your space. Get ready to transform your home while saving money.

Electronics accessories storage

1. Electronics accessories storage 

We're using seven clear plastic crayon boxes, a long plastic bin, and some labels I made on my cutting machine. Remove all the stickers and then apply your labels to the tops of each of the boxes. 

I have ears for earphones and bricks for the short version of charging bricks and extras. 

Hand sanitizer holder

2. Hand sanitizer holder 

I am constantly losing my mini hand sanitizer. I will use one of those Dollar Tree cell phone straps and hot glue to the bottom of a plastic travel bottle of hand sanitizer.

To give it some cuteness, I added a sweet gingham bow, added my Dollar Tree sanitizer, and it's ready to hang in your car. 

Liquid soap holders

3. Liquid soap holders

Next, we're moving into the kitchen, and I'm using two Dollar Tree soap dispensers, some of their mini off-brand command hooks, and more labels that I cut out. 

We will place our words on the side of our dispensers vertically; then, I will take a hook and hang it on the side of my dispenser. You can hang your ring there when you're doing dishes, and you will never lose it.

Kitchen sponge holder

4½. Kitchen sponge holder

I used two command hooks to hang a Dollar Tree sponge holder inside my cupboard door under the sink.

These come with the suction cups attached, and you would hang them onto the inside wall of your sink, but I pulled those out and slipped them onto my hooks and then added one of their off-brand hooks right next to it so that you can hang your damp dish towel under there, too. 

Plastic bag organizer

4. Plastic bag organizer

I love an organized pantry, so I strongly dislike going through plastic baggie boxes and how they look all messy. I take them out of their boxes and put the whole pack into a shallow plastic Dollar Tree food container. 

Adhesive label holders

5. Adhesive label holders 

I love to label everything, but I also like to be able to change them when I need to, which is why I love Dollar Tree adhesive label holders. They're perfect because you can pull the label out of the plastic and replace it with a new label.

Pantry door wrap holder

6. Pantry door wrap holder

Take a Dollar Tree corrugated file holder and cover that with some coordinating shelf paper. Attach this to the inside of your pantry drawer or cabinet, depending on how your kitchen is set up.

To hang this, I'm going to punch two holes on the back, then I use two hooks and foam adhesive squares, and I attach that to the inside of my pantry door.  

Freezer storage

7. Freezer storage

I use the shelf racks for our paper plates in the pantry, but you can also use them in the freezer for frozen veggies, frozen dinners, or meats. I'm able to get two racks on one shelf. 

Plastic lid storage

8. Plastic lid storage

I took a Dollar Tree rack, folded the legs inward, made one side a little bit shorter than the other, popped it inside that bin, and then slid my Rubbermaid lids into each of those little slots. 

Prayer card holder

9. Prayer card holder

If you want to get a little more Jesus in the kitchen, you can take one of these daily prayer cards, slip it into a magnetic acrylic picture frame, and put it on your refrigerator. 

Plate storage containers

10. Plate storage containers 

I love any container with a lid, and Dollar Tree sells ones for your Christmas treats. They are perfect for storing these special plates when they're not being displayed. 

First aid drawers

11. First aid drawers  

I took three Dollar Tree acrylic drawers and separated our first aid box with gauze tape and scissors in one drawer, Band-Aids in another, and Neosporin and cleansing wipes in the third one. 

Coupon organizer

12. Coupon organizer

If you set up your Dollar Tree coupon holder with separate labels for food, shopping, and entertainment, you can keep this in your glove compartment, in your car or your purse, or even out in that middle area so it's visible and you can remember to use it. 

Oven mitt purse organizer

13. Oven mitt purse organizer 

I'm using this Dollar Tree rubber oven mitt and if you have that divider going across the middle of your purse, sit this right over that, and you will never have to dig for keys or glasses again. 

Home file organization

14. Home file organization 

I keep my daily use or more frequently used folders in a hanging wire letter holder on the wall. I have four main ones: menus, a cleaning folder, a Jesus folder, and one with my to-do lists.

Materials needed for floating shelves

15. Floating shelves

To make two floating shelves, you'll need three pieces of foam board, four brackets, and some transparent packing or duct tape. 

I measured the length of the brackets and how thick I wanted to make these faux wood shelves. 

How to make floating shelves

For each one, you'll need two pieces at 9½" wide and then go the length of the board and one at 2¾" wide. Then two pieces at 9½" by 2½" wide. 

I used a craft knife to start cutting down those lines and getting all my pieces together. Once you get all of your pieces together, you will start taping them. 

I made sure to put that long strip on the front and the outside of all the other edges, so that's the front of your shelf, and it'll be completely flat. 

Dollar Tree storage ideas

I laid my contact paper out with the sticky side up and then covered both of my shelves, starting with the sides. 

I made little lifters for my shelves by gluing three Jenga pieces together. I mounted the brackets sideways and placed the lifters on those front ends so my shelves won't sag. Then you'll slide your shelf right over those brackets. 

I used three Dollar Tree wire baskets and added some bath items on the shelves.

Dollar Tree storage ideas

I hope you found my dollar tree storage ideas helpful. What do you use for Dollar Tree to keep your home organized? Share in the comments below.

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