How to Keep Your House Clean: 7 Easy Tips to Keep the Mess Manageable

People always ask me how to keep a house clean. So let’s talk about how I keep my house clean. Let me be honest with you, my house is not spotless and my closets are messy. My house is well-lived in.

But I try to keep a clean house because when it’s not, it stresses me out. I used to be a little more carefree about leaving messes for a while, but now if something is out of place, I have to find a place for it. Please also remember I have one child so that helps a lot.

Here are my other tips to keep a house clean.

1. Kick everyone out

This may seem odd but sometimes when there aren’t a lot of people at home, you can keep your house cleaner! My husband is on the road traveling for work and my son is in school so it’s me in the house most of the time. So if you want a really clean house, you have to kick out your family and pets. That is my number one tip.

But let’s be realistic here…

2. Stick to a schedule

I have worked in and out of the home and I know that sticking to a schedule works for me. Schedules and routines can get super boring but that’s the best way to maintain your household. I have daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. But there are times I do not get to my daily chores.

I do, however, have the mindset of doing these daily routines which helps me get back on schedule when I fall off of it. Write everything down on a calendar and put it on your fridge–it will help keep you on schedule.

Cleaning house
Cleaning house

Daily chores

Every single day, I do the floors, do the dishes, and make the beds. It takes a total of an hour to do everything because it goes so fast.

Weekly chores

I make sure to do several things throughout the week to keep my house clean. I like to set certain days for certain things. Tuesdays I like to dust, Thursdays I like to mop the floors, for example.

Write down what you need to do weekly, like washing sheets, washing windows, mopping the floors, etc. Schedules and routines help because you get in the habit and you no longer have to scramble around at the last minute to clean the whole house.

Making bed
Tidy room

3. Make the beds

Making the bed is a little new to me. My husband would work a night shift so he’d sleep during the day so I never had to make the bed for years and years.

Just making the bed – even if it’s not perfect – makes a world of difference in the bedroom and makes it look so much cleaner. I love making the beds now.

Wiping surfaces

4. Establish a “power hour”

When I worked outside the home, I used to do a “power hour” every night after supper. I’d set an alarm, put on music, and go around the house and see what I could pick up. You’d be surprised how much can get done in just one hour.

Even try for 30 minutes! Or focus on one room a night to clean up during your power hour.

5. Ask for help

Have everyone in the house help out during that 30 minute or one hour time slot. Let them run around the house and clean up everything. It helps a lot. Turn on music, set an alarm, and make it fun.

Tidy kitchen

6. Close down the kitchen at night

I used to clean my kitchen in the morning. I wouldn’t close down the kitchen at night because I’d keep the leftovers out and the dishes piled up in the sink. I’d just everything in the morning. I had the mindset of oh, I have to get up and clean the kitchen.

But now I close the kitchen down at night, get it clean before bed, shut the lights, and start fresh in the morning. If you need something to get you up and going in the morning, change your schedule to what works best for you. For me, now I love closing the kitchen out at night.

Doing laundry

7. Do at least one load of laundry every day

Do a daily load and you will stay caught up. I’m not perfect at this but I try to make a point of staying on top of the laundry every day. That includes folding it and putting it away, too.

How to keep your house clean

These are my tips and tricks on things to do everyday to keep your house clean. Remember no one is perfect doing any of these tips. What counts is trying your best to keep on top of keeping a clean house.

Let me know in the comments if you have other scheduling ideas or tips to keep a house clean.

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