Easy and Realistic Cleaning Schedule

Are you ready to get serious about a cleaning schedule? I will show you below how to set up a cleaning caddy and work with a digital cleaning schedule. Get ready to learn how to work with a realistic cleaning schedule.

Cleaning cloths

1. Gather your cloths

I bought a pack of microfiber towels to get started. This pack of Maker’s cleaning cloths includes clothes for cleaning general spaces, electronics, glass, plus plush and waffle-weave towels.

DIY cleaning caddy

2. Pull your caddy together

I put all my cleaning tools, materials, and supplies in a caddy. I put in an all-purpose cleaner, a granite cleaner, and a furniture polish.

I added a scrub brush, sponges, and Magic Eraser. I added denture brushes to get into those tiny nooks and crannies. But there are a couple of extra items I like to put into my cleaning caddy.

DIY cleaning caddy

3. Soap scum remover recipe

I used white vinegar and dish detergent for a DIY soap scum remover. I used that in my squeeze sponge.

Simply combine equal amounts of white vinegar and liquid dish soap and put it in the handle of the sponge.

Use it generously to clean soap scum, especially around the shower and sinks.

DIY cleaning caddy
Using furniture marker

4. Furniture markers

I added furniture markers into my cleaning caddy so I can touch up any nicks and scratches as I’m cleaning. Keep them in your caddy because you will pay more attention to touching up wood furniture as you go along.

Cleaning list

5. Create your cleaning schedule task list

Write out all of your cleaning tasks. You can do this with pen and paper or with a digital planner. You’ll need to split up a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning task list.

List these tasks out in time blocks. Things you can do daily, for example, would be to put away clean dishes, put a load in the washer, hang clothes out to dry, etc.

Separate all this out into cleaning and organizing tasks for a detailed cleaning schedule template.

A weekly task list may have a bunch of things that can wait for Saturday morning, for example.

Cleaning list

6. Create quarterly, monthly, and annual cleaning schedule tasks

These schedules will be focused more on deep cleaning tasks. You could distribute your monthly tasks to be done one day a month, one day a week, or a mix. Every few months there is a fifth Saturday in a month. You can use this Saturday for a bunch of quarterly cleaning tasks, for example.

Setting up a realistic cleaning schedule is not that difficult if you just get it down in writing. It’s the best way to organize yourself. And now that you know what to put into your cleaning caddy, you’re all set to get started.

Let me know in the comments what you put into your cleaning caddy and how you set up your home cleaning schedule!

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  • Gloria Gloria on Oct 24, 2023
    Now that my printer has died, and replacing it is too costly for my "senior" budget, I'm so glad you featured a cleaning list on to put on an iPhone! How can I download the app you use? I'm assuming it's free....
  • Mabel Jacobs Mabel Jacobs on Oct 24, 2023
    Yes. I do need to make an organized list what needs to be done. My problem is I get distracted to another project when I start something. I see something else that needs to go on the list. I don't stay focused on the project now. When I have a deadline to finish, I work better. My new deadline is Nov 20 since I want to have the Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Oh Boy! get busy!