These Amazing Budget Tips Will Transform Any Old Or Dirty Bathroom

by Simplify

Is the sight of your bathroom making you unhappy these days? We probably all wish we could renovate an old bathroom just because we feel like it's time, but that's not in the cards for so many of you out there!

However, Kathryn from Do It On A Dime offers some fabulous tips on restoring older bathrooms in her recent video. True to her channel's name, these solutions are truly affordable AND very effective!

Her Secret Cleaning Weapon

She introduces a surprising $3 solution for stunning results: Clorox clinging bleach gel toilet bowl cleaner. Following a step-by-step application guide, she emphasizes scrubbing with a firm-bristle brush and shares safety precautions for bleach use.

For stubborn stains, she recommends an overnight treatment to really get the maximum results out of the product.

Cleaning a shower full of grout

Final Thoughts

Don't despair if your bathroom looks a lot like the "before" half of the video! Kathryn's budget-friendly expertise promises to revolutionize your bathroom cleaning routine. We hope you can breathe a little more easily and feel proud of your sparkly bathroom ASAP!

For more budget bathroom cleaning inspiration, check out this s tep-by-step guide or try using a Tide Pod in your shower!

To see more videos, check out the  Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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  • Joan Joan on Sep 22, 2023

    I have well water with sulfur and high mineral content my bathroom shower is a surround which turns orange the only thing that works is toilet bowl cleaner but it streaks someone told me it turns orange because I have galvanized pipe in my spout any advice?

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    • Jane Haeger Jane Haeger on Sep 23, 2023

      CLR concentrate . Place in spray bottle. If you but the small bottle a bottle spray top will work right in bottle. Spray and let sit. Open window to help with smell

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 04, 2023

    Should well cleaned grout be sealed?