Quick & Easy Toilet-Cleaning Hacks So You Don't Have to Scrub

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Tired of having a sore arm after scrubbing your toilets? Kallie from But First, Coffee has the solution you’ve been looking for. And today, she’s sharing her favorite toilet-cleaning hacks with her audience.

Frustrated from trying to clean out all of the crevices and cracks the old-fashioned way, Kallie devised some cleaning hacks for the toilet that are much simpler than scrubbing away with a brush. And her best toilet cleaning hacks make the job so much easier that she doesn’t hate cleaning toilets anymore.

Kallie says it’s best to start out by cleaning the tank. And that’s because whatever yucky things are hanging out in the tank will move right into the toilet next.

To do this the easiest way possible, she shuts off the water, flushes the toilet to drain as much water as possible, pours in a half cup to a full cup of citric acid, then pours super hot water from the sink into the tank until it reaches the line of where water usually stands there.

Then, she leaves it there for about an hour to let the citric acid solution do its job. She swears it’s the best toilet bowl cleaner out there.

Cleaning a toilet

Next, she wipes down all the surfaces of the toilet, uses a butter knife covered in a paper towel to reach into any tight spots, and uses a cotton swab to swipe around screws.

Kallie also recommends dripping clear nail polish over top of any of the exposed holes or screws once every 3 to 6 months to prevent residue from getting into these tight places.

And when it comes to cleaning the bowl itself, Kallie’s top toilet cleaning hacks include using a Pumie scouring stick to lightly scrub away any water stains than using a Clorox ToiletWand around the rest of the bowl.

Toilet cleaning hacks

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To see more videos, check out the But First, Coffee YouTube channel.

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  • Gin Gin on Feb 27, 2023

    Great tips. Open the hinges on seat and pull gently and it slides right out.

    Then reverse and slide back.👍️