11 Affordable Walmart Summer Clothes For Women Over 40

If you are ready to simplify your everyday summer wardrobe on an extreme budget, stay tuned. Today I am sharing the best Walmart summer clothes to buy this season. Let’s get started!

Walmart summer tops

1. Time and Tru crewneck t-shirt

This is the only Walmart summer top you need. The shirt feels really smooth to the touch, but it looks a little bit textured. These shirts come both in solids and in stripes, and you will find up to 12 different vivid patterns, which pair really well with any kind of bottoms.

It says that these shirts are 60% cotton and 40% recycled polyester. I really love that Walmart seems to be getting more earth conscious and a lot of their polyester is made from recycled plastic.

The reason I love this is that it is cut to fit those of us with real figures, so it is a great option for women over 40, like me, who need a little bit of a roomier fit to feel comfortable.

Walmart bra

2. Warner's Blissful Benefits underwire bra

The key to the perfect summer wardrobe is a really comfortable bra that makes you feel confident. I feel like I can wear my Warner's bra without really feeling it and without feeling the need to take it off immediately when I get home.

There is a generous wide side panel so if you have problems with underarm and back bulge this eliminates that problem. It provides just enough support but there is another bra in this line without an underwire if you prefer that.

I also like that they have included just a little bit of a fashion detail in the middle to make us feel like we are on trend.

It is not a push-up bra and it's not a padded bra because I don't need either of those, but it does provide enough lining that I feel safe and secure knowing that everything looks smooth and where it should be.

Drawstring Terry shorts

3. Athletic Works brand French cotton drawstring terry shorts

Next to swimsuit shopping, most women's least favorite item of clothing to shop for is shorts. If you're a woman over 40, it can be really hard to find affordable options that are both comfortable and not too revealing.

This is my new favorite uniform for summer. I love the smooth and soft texture of the shorts. There are a few colors available, I love black and navy, while white was a little too thin for me. I feel like I could wear these shorts every single day of the week.

They're easy to dress up, comfortable, and versatile for just about anything you would need them for, including a swimsuit coverup or pajama bottoms.

Walmart summer shorts

4. Time and Tru pull-on denim shorts

If you're comfortable showing a little bit more leg, these are for you. There's a false closure in front, but it's just an elastic waist that pulls up and down really easily. The shorts feature a small cuff at the bottom and come in eight different colors. The five-inch inseam covers what I need it to cover.

In addition, they have two nice-sized pockets on the back as well as two pockets on the front.

Bermuda denim shorts

5. Time and Tru high-rise Bermuda denim with a shark bite hem

If you feel comfortable with more of a Bermuda style, these may be the shorts for you. They have a full 10-inch inseam which you could roll up if you wanted to. They're a little more snug, so you might need to size up.

These shorts feature some details that make them really current without making it look like you tried too hard: the whiskering detail, the distressing, and the uneven frayed edge. They also have generous front pockets, as well as back pockets.

Walmart summer shoes

6. Love & Sports sneakers

I've been wearing these sneakers since late spring and everyone who sees them loves them. These Walmart summer shoes have a mesh front and a lace-up top, but what I love most about them is this rainbow feature on the side.

If you do not like the rainbow design, they have four different colors including solid black.

These are really fashionable sneakers. They are not meant for athletics or even long-distance walking, even though they do provide arch support. These are definitely fun shoes to own, but they are not the shoes to buy if you only want one pair of sneakers.

Rhinestone slides

7. Time and Tru rhinestone slides

I wear these all the time. They have just enough arch support for my foot to feel comfortable in them. The detailing looks great dressed up or just with a pair of jeans or shorts. After wearing them all this time, not one single rhinestone has slipped out of place. I did size down in these.

Short-sleeved cardigan

8. Time and Tru short-sleeved cardigan with a V-neck

This is a very breathable summer sweater, made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The sweater comes in four different colors and patterns. There is horizontal detailing as well as some gathering at the sleeves that create a designer look.

It has a roomier fit so if you like it a little bit snugger I would definitely size down.

Dyed jean jacket

9. Time and Tru jean jacket

I got this white denim jacket and dyed it pink. It is so easy to custom-dye this jacket, and it takes dye beautifully.

Gold earrings from Walmart

10. Time and Tru rectangular gold earrings

These simple and inexpensive earrings can elevate any outfit. I have worn these for formal occasions as well as every day and they are so flattering.

Walmart summer clothes and accessories

11. Time and Tru layered necklace with summer pink and white beading

This is a throwback to puka shell bracelets and necklaces. Even if you're wearing a solid understated outfit, this necklace is really going to elevate your look.

Walmart summer clothes

Which item did you like the best? Which Walmart summer items are must-haves this year in your opinion? Leave a comment below!

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  • Irene G Irene G on Jun 06, 2023

    I truly enjoyed your evaluations of the items you purchased at Walmart and appreciate you modeling them. It provides a more complete picture of what you are seeing and feeling. I have also picked up clothing items for myself at Walmart and found the quality of the fabric and the workmanship are rather good and well done especially at their selling price. Higher end stores are not always better with fabric or workmanship. Kudos to Walmart! And "thank you" to you for sharing your insights.

  • Too funny! I just purchased some of these items for work. I work with dogs and farm animals and stuff gets stained and ruined and purchasing a high quality garment gets trashed as easily as the high dollar item. And I keep a few items aside so I have something to wear while running around on errands. Thanks for sharing - you did a great job! And just for the record, I am over 60.