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Ever wanted to make your own DIY charger plates? It’s SO EASY. Here are the step-by-step instructions to make them for almost free.

DIY these chargers for Mother’s Day or summer entertaining or a get-together with friends. You can make them in minutes for almost nothing.

If you walked up to our front door and knocked.

Five things would happen.

  1. I’d throw the door WIDE OPEN.
  2. You’d smell the BEST candles ever (that are so inexpensive and dupes for a much more expensive candle).
  3. You’d realize IMMEDIATELY how much I love blue and white.
  4. Buddy (our golden) would show up to say hello with his tail wagging.
  5. You’d see that the dining room in our home is just across the way from the living room to the left of the front door.

The dining room is tucked away behind this set of vintage french doors.

They are oversized with the prettiest vintage handles and gold hinges.

And if you opened the doors?

You’d see this DIY that I made that’s ALMOST FREE.

It’s the dining room set for friends or Mother’s Day.

Whichever comes first.

There are blue and white striped chairs on a rug full of color with an amazing chandelier and the prettiest blue and white curtains and layers of patterns.

The flower arrangements? They are grocery store arrangements made with peonies and hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s.

Budget Decorating Tip 1:

If you are making an arrangement like that with a wide-mouth vase? Just make a grid on the top with scotch tape. This enables the flowers to stay in place. Start with the largest and heaviest flowers first in one of the sections of the grid. Then add the smallest flowers in other sections of the grid and then tuck the greenery around the edges in the outer sections of the grid.

One of the most asked questions I get asked about the dining room is the texture of the walls.

Everyone asks if it’s plaster.


Just drywall mud and a comb.

Here’s a close-up of the walls in the dining room next to a flower arrangement and these lamps.

Budget Decorating Tip 2:

Create a faux finish on your walls with drywall mud and a comb. Yep. A comb. That’s what made the ridges and texture on the walls.

These chairs were so inexpensive and I LOVE the pop of pattern against the dark wood.

They came from Wayfair, but they needed a little something to make them stand out.

Budget Decorating Tip 3:

Add buttons to the back of your chairs. This is a NO-SEW project. Sometimes it’s so easy to make a piece of furniture unique with just a little DIY addition. You can see how I covered the buttons and attached them to the chairs.

See those peonies in the arrangement—my favorite flowers that show up for a hot minute before they close up shop for the season. You can find them at garden centers and florists and grocery stores this time of year.

Whenever I buy peonies they are always so closed up and take forever to open (sometimes they never open).

It’s easy to get them to open if you know this peony-opening tip.

Budget Decorating Tip 4:

And now?

Here’s my favorite budget summer decorating tip of all.

These chargers.

I made them for FREE.

And here’s the step-by-step how I DIY’d them.


  1. Trace a circle onto cardboard with a pencil.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Cut out a circle of fabric.
  4. Place the cardboard circle onto the wrong side of the fabric.
  5. Cut small notches around the edge of the fabric. Start folding over and pleating the fabric. Then glue individual pleats in place with hot glue.
  6. Your chargers are ready to use.
  7. You can also add Mod Podge to the top of the charger to make it easier to clean stains.

These chargers would be PERFECT for Mother’s Day.

You can design your very own table just for your mother.

It’s such an easy project that takes minutes to create and makes the table look SO CUTE.

I’m surprising my mother with my grandmother’s china and chargers to match.


Let’s just keep the surprise between you, me and the dining room. 🙂

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  • Karen Jaris Karen Jaris on Apr 17, 2023

    Great idea but not free. You still need to purchase the fabric and a 15 inch circle is almost one yard of fabric for 6 plates depending on the width.

    • Kdd893664 Kdd893664 on May 20, 2024

      I think the “free” part is dependent on whether or not you’re an enthusiastic crafter. I tend to be an overly enthusiastic crafter/sewist who will, as a general rule, purchase an extra yard of the fabric I’ve chosen for a project just in case I’ve made an error in my calculations or in case I make an error in my cutting or sewing somehow. Needless to say, I have quite a bit of extra fabric laying around, lol! Free or only kind of free or not free at all because you have to purchase a yard of fabric, I believe you’d still be paying a good deal less than purchasing 6 ready made chargers plus the delight of having something unique that is the perfect complement to your decor.