7 Different Ways to Organize Your Home Using S-Hooks

Today I want to share some ideas about how to organize using S-hooks. Did you even know that these organizing products existed? S-hooks are a great organizing tool. I have found some excellent uses for them. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to use the S-hooks.

I just want to remind you that purchasing organizing supplies should never be the first step in your organizing journey. You need to tackle the clutter at home before you start bringing in more stuff.

Getting rid of your excess clutter will give you a chance to plan how you’re going to organize and which types of organizing supplies you will need.

Organizing coats with S-hooks

1. Easy access to coats

The purpose of an S-hook is to create more hanging options on things like closet rods. What’s great about the S-hook is it allows you to have quick and easy access to individual items.

They are not meant for multiple large items. You won’t be able to hang multiple coats on one hook. They will just turn on the rod and fall.

Hanging accessories with S-hooks

2. Hanging accessories

You will also want to avoid hanging too many smaller items like scarves and belts. It seems convenient when you’re putting things away, and unlike large items like coats, it is possible to put multiple scarves and belts on an S-hook without it falling off the rod.

The issue is, when you want to just reach in and grab one thing you end up being forced to remove everything just to access one item. The best way to use an S-hook is to have one item per hook, as they are designed to create quick and easy access to individual items.

Hanging bags and backpacks with S-hooks

3. Hanging bags and backpacks 

I have come up with some unconventional ways to use S-hooks. You can place them on a coat closet rod and use it to hang backpacks.

This will make it quick and easy for kids to grab their bags in the morning before heading out to school. You can also use S-hooks to store purses from a closet rod.

Organizing towels with S-hooks

4. Towel rack alternative 

Do you have multiple people all using the same bathroom in your house? Maybe you can’t put up a towel rack because you're renting, or maybe you just don’t want to have to install one. Try hanging S-hooks on the shower curtain rod. This is a great alternative if you don’t have a towel rack.

Cleaning supply closet with S-hooks

5. Turn a coat closet into a cleaning supply storage 

You can turn a coat closet into a cleaning closet using S-hooks. S-hooks will enable you to hang your large cleaning tools from the closet rod. This is really convenient for keeping cleaning supplies neatly tucked away. 

Storing cleaning rags with S-hooks

6. Storing cleaning rags under the sink

Another great storage idea is to hang a tension rod under the kitchen sink and use S-hooks to hang your rags and dust clothes. A pile of rags is an eyesore. Even if you’re the only one who will see it, it’s worth organizing in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. 

How to organize with S-hooks

7. Storing equipment at eye level 

S-hooks are also great for storing camera equipment. They’re especially convenient for quick and easy access to individual items you need stored at eye level. They are a really great alternative if installing hooks directly on a wall is not ideal for you.

As exciting as it is to find a new way to stay organized, don't purchase more S-hooks than you need. Make sure you sort through all the excess clutter in your home until you’re left only with what you need before you purchase any organizing products.

Even though it’s great to have organizing products, if you haven’t yet gotten your clutter under control, bringing in more items will just add to the mess and create more stress for you.

How to organize with S-hooks

In general, the S-hook can be a budget-friendly storage solution. So often I want more places to hang things, but I don’t want to nail hooks onto the walls.

S-hooks are a great way to get more hanging storage and have convenient and easy access to your items.

Do you use S-hooks at your house? If you do, tell me if you have found other good uses for them. If you don’t have S-hooks, has this article inspired any ideas? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and happy organizing. 

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  • Tammy Tammy on Apr 11, 2023

    I live in a home that has two kitchens, two living areas two bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. You would think I would be organized. But, we inherited my in laws home. It was full of stuff. Then we moved our stuff in. Then when my mother passed in April of 2022 we wound up adding her stuff to the chaos we already had. This has all been since June of 2019. I had begged for the siblings to please come get your parents things. Then I begged for the grand kids to come get stuff. We are so disorganized it’s created a lot of anxiety for me. I get so overwhelmed. My husband wouldn’t let me get rid of his families things. I said but it’s not fair that I must get rid of my things. After two years being here he finally said I could start getting rid of things. I’ve donated to the rehab houses we have in our area as well as other non-profit organizations to help them raise funds for their needs. That has helped. But I am constantly working to get rid of more things. I’m including clothes and Knick knacks as well. I’ve made much headway. Even though there are times I look at things and think, “I haven’t accomplished anything”. I have to remind myself what was here in comparison to what is here now. But I love reading all the different organizing ideas from others. Believe it or not it helps with the anxiety. There are some things I have implemented into our daily lives. Then others don’t work.

  • Tammy Tammy on Apr 11, 2023

    I apologize for it being so long. But talking it out helps me to focus on what I truly need to keep. And what is no longer needed. Listening to how others work on organizing their home to get rid of their chaos. Helps me to know it is possible to get there. If others can do it. I can to. One of the best things I have done so far is we turned our coat closet which is in our living room entryway. Into a cleaning closet. Right now it only has one shelf. I do want to add another one. I added a strip of metal that has clips on it to hold my swiffer sweeper. This is also where my vacuum is kept as well as my carpet cleaner and my portable vacuum and portable upholstery cleaner. Before I really didn’t have a place upstairs to keep these items which is where they are used. It’s just not feasible to store them in the laundry room downstairs. So they were all piled at the top of the stairs in front of the carport entry door. If it hadn’t been for reading all the different ideas to help organize I don’t know when I would have been able to do the cleaning closet. So grateful to all of you out there for all the ideas that you offer.

    thank you