7 Creative Ways to Use Hanging Sweater Organizers in Your Home

Hanging sweater organizers have surprising uses throughout your home. Today, I’m going to go over hanging sweater organizers and how to use these in different ways.

With so many organizing supplies, it’s important to buy the right one for your lifestyle. Note that hanging sweater organizers are not meant to contain heavy items as they are typically made of cardboard covered in fabric. The cardboard will bend and the fabric will tear if overloaded.

How to use a hanging sweater organizer

1. Storing sweaters vertically

The original purpose of a hanging sweater organizer is to store sweaters vertically from a closet rod.

Storing accessories in hanging sweater organizers

2. Storing accessories

The best way to use a hanging sweater organizer can be to store hats, purses, and accessories.

How to organize with hanging sweater organizers

3. Planning outfits for the week

You can also use a hanging sweater organizer to plan your kids' or even your own outfits for the week. The 6-compartment organizer is best for weekly outfit planning.

Using hanging sweater organizers

4. Linen closet

You can also use hanging sweater organizers to create a linen closet if you don't have a linen closet. This way, you can store sets of sheets, towels, and pillows easily.

Storing baby clothes in hanging sweater organizers

5. Storing baby clothes

Hanging sweater organizers are also great for baby clothes as you can throw their tiny little clothes by category in Dollar Tree bins.

Using hanging sweater organizers for evening prep

6. Evening prep

Some unconventional ways to use a 3 compartment hanging sweater organizer can be to use it for evening prep for the next day. You can designate a space for each family member so they won't forget anything they need to bring with them before leaving the house.  

Storing pillows and cushions

7. Storing pillows and cushions

You can store toss pillows at the top of your linen closet or even hanging in an unused coat closet. These are perfect if you need to store a variety of lightweight items and if you utilize the top and bottom of your closet for other storage solutions.

How to use hanging sweater organizers

First, as always, don't purchase more hanging sweater organizers than you need. You will pare down your items to what you need before you purchase any organizing products. In general, this can be a budget-friendly storage option since it is the same as purchasing multiple bins in one. 

Also, a hanging sweater organizer can replace a dresser if you don't have the space for one or if you simply don't want to purchase a dresser. 

Do you use hanging sweater organizers? Let me know what your favorite ways to use them are in the comments.

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Oct 17, 2022

    I hang sweater organizers in garage . One is for puzzle boxes the other is for kleenex ,paper towels, toilet paper.