How to Save Money on Meat & Poultry at the Grocery Store

Do you want to learn how to save money on meat? These six tips to save money on groceries have helped me save hundreds of dollars each year on meat and poultry. This is usually the most expensive category on your grocery list, but there are ways to save money on meat.

1. Buy marked-down meat

Ask the butcher at the meat counter of your supermarket what day of the week they mark down the prices of their meat. There is one day a week when all supermarkets mark down the prices of their meat and poultry. Markdowns are different from sales.

For example, sales may start on Sunday and go through Saturday. They sell as much as they possibly can at the beginning of the sale cycle. So in the middle of the week, at least where I live, I found out that Wednesday evening is the time they mark down meat by 30 to 40 percent.

The store marks it down like this because they want to make sure that they get rid of everything from that sale in order to have room to start the new sale. Even if it’s a little inconvenient if you shop on the weekends, going in midweek to get these sale items can save you so much money.

Supermarket sale

2. Take advantage of loss leaders

A loss leader is something that is normally priced high and a supermarket will drop the price of it to get you to walk into the supermarket. That’s how stores compete with other supermarkets in town.

For example, say that roast beef is normally $10, but it’s dramatically cut down to $5 on sale. No one typically goes into the supermarket to just buy that roast beef and then leave.

If you did that, the supermarket would take a loss on your entire purchase because you did nothing else but buy that one item. But it is the store’s strategy. They mark down a high-priced item to persuade you to do all your shopping there that week.

Loss leaders are always highlighted and printed really big on the first page of the supermarket’s circular. Before shopping, look at the circular for the loss leader. Even if that loss leader item is not on your shopping list, buy it and freeze it.

Buying meat

3. Read the store flyer

Whether you call it a flyer or circular, pay attention to it so you can meal plan to save money. Meal planning has helped me save $5,000 a year since I started budgeting and watching every cent. Meal planning takes 20 minutes once a week and it can save you so much money.

Look to see what you have in your kitchen first before making your list. That way you will only buy what you need, use up what you have at home, avoid waste, and eliminate spending money on buying something you already have.

Look at the loss leader and see if you have ingredients at home to see if you can incorporate it into your weekly meal plan.

4. How to buy organic meat and poultry

Buy organic meat and poultry through Misfits Market. Order online for not only organic produce but also for their line of meat and poultry which will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Buying family packs of meat

5. Buy family packs on sale

Do you see a family pack of meat on sale and you pass on it because you don’t think you’ll need so much of it? I say no! If the family pack is on sale, buy it!

Divide up the package at home and put it in individual packages or containers to freeze. Use freezer bags or a vacuum sealer, which is one of my favorite kitchen tools. Divide up the portions that make sense for you, either if you live alone or if you have a small family.

For example, if it’s a big pack of ground beef or chicken, you can probably get three meals out of it. Just divide the pack by three and you will usually end up with a pound or so of meat.

If you put the portions in a freezer bag, make sure you squeeze the air out before you close it up to avoid freezer burn and to make it as flat as possible for stacking in the freezer. Then label the bag because sometimes you won’t remember what it is that you put in the bag.

The best thing is that you’ve taken something bulky and reduced it in size so you can fit the portions into a small freezer.

How to save money on meat & poultry

6. Grab those holiday freebies

Supermarkets will give away turkey, ham, or lasagne on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard people reject the offer when they are told at the register that they have enough points to qualify for the free turkey or ham!

They will usually tell the cashier that they won’t use the item so they don’t want it! Why would anyone give up free food? You are telling the supermarket that you don’t want their deals. So take it and either put it in the freezer for a future meal or donate it to someone who needs it!

How to save money on meat & poultry

Those are my six tips to help you at the grocery store. Which tip on how to save money on meat at the grocery store was your favorite? Do you use any of these tips now or do you have other tips you can share with us? Leave your comments and tips below.

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  • Zoe Emiko Zoe Emiko on Mar 04, 2023

    I've found the best way to get air out when I'm packing meat (or anything else) into freezer bags is to load the bag, seal all but an inch then dip the bag into water almost to the top & finish pressing that last inch to seal it. The air inside the bag will get pushed out by the pressure of the water outside the bag. Goodbye freezer burn & a major space saver.

  • Mikell D. Dyer Mikell D. Dyer on Mar 06, 2023

    GREAT VIDEO and INFORMATION !!! I subscribed to your channel and looking forward to learning more 👍️