How to Save a Lot of Money at the Grocery Store Without Couponing

by Simplify

Kallie shares some great tips on how to save a lot at the grocery store. Like so many people, she has been feeling the pinch of food inflation. Kallie shares some of the methods she has used to save on groceries that don’t involve coupon clipping or obsessing over weekly sales. She has managed to find ways to save without sacrificing what she considers to be a healthy and balanced diet.

First and foremost, Kallie implemented a less equals less approach. Buy less stuff, spend less money. This meant figuring out what her must-haves were - her non-negotiables. Prioritizing our items prevents us from simply throwing things into the cart.

Getting strict about meal planning is another great way to save on groceries. Write up the meals for the whole week and assign a meal to each day. Planning helps reduce the amount of food going to waste. Kallie has also become more conscious and creative with what's in her fridge, using everything up. She has gotten better about saving leftovers and using them in creative ways

How to save a lot at the grocery store

To remain on track with grocery spending, Kallie suggests keeping your ultimate financial goals in mind. Maybe that’s paying off debt, creating savings, or paying off your house. It's discipline now or regret later. Keeping that ultimate financial goal in mind will really help keep you motivated.

How to save a lot at the grocery store

These are just some of the ways that Kallie has been cutting back on her food spending over the last few months. Everyone has different families, lifestyles, dietary needs, and budgets, so take what she has done and find ways to apply them to your own grocery shopping and meal planning. With a little bit of discipline and planning, you can easily find ways to save.

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