This Small Paris Apartment is Themed Around an Old Gelato Bar

by Simplify

Whoever thought that tiny apartments had to be both small and boring has obviously never seen one that’s over the top unique. And this gelato-bar-inspired small Paris apartment can turn anyone into a believer of all things design simply by looking at it.

With a vision of escaping the sights of the city and relaxing in the comfort of an Italian hotel suite, this tiny Paris apartment was designed to resemble the Italian Palazzos seen while traveling extensively in that country.

With an obvious nod toward arches, the other tiny apartment ideas found in this space include pink and green marble, dark wood accents, and white walls throughout.

With only 312 sq ft to call their own, this small Paris apartment is located in an apartment building with a stunning stone and brick facade. Built in 1949, this area has seen many changes since that time, but it is still surrounded by plenty of green space, a lake, and a huge suspension bridge, making the area very charming and walkable.

Gelato bar

Stepping inside, the home features a living space, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a small water closet. And while the space is tight, there is a pocket storage area found in vertical cabinets near the entrance.

The entire design of this small Paris apartment revolved around maybe the space as versatile as possible. One can easily walk about, work, relax, or entertain guests in any of the rooms located here. And all of the furniture was chosen intentionally to provide comfort and storage at the very same time.

Plus, the modern kitchen in this small Paris apartment features several hidden appliances, like a dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, and dryer, that you wouldn’t know were there until you started opening cabinets.

All of these incredible features make the home more practical than one would imagine upon arrival.

Small Paris apartment

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