How to Buy Clothes You'll Actually Wear & What to Stop Buying Now

by Simplify

Christina Mychas was once a shopaholic. But these days, she’s all about living a more intentional lifestyle. And she wants to help others like you learn how to buy clothes you’ll actually wear, so you don’t have to constantly look in your overstuffed closet in dismay.

Interestingly enough, she says the secret to having a closet full of clothes you love is to stop buying clothes. In other words, stop buying clothes you don’t need, and you’ll no longer have too many mismatched things you’re not actually using.

The first step in learning how to stop buying clothes is to stop buying too many trend pieces. Some trendy items are fine to spice things up and add interest and personality in your wardrobe, but you should mainly focus on purchasing staples.

The second step in learning how to buy clothes you’ll actually wear is to refrain from being meh pieces. Any item you don’t feel truly excited about wearing falls under this category.

The third step is to avoid buying occasion-only items as often as possible. While you may need to buy a bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding on occasion, most of the time you should buy pieces that you can enjoy wearing over and over again.

Trying on clothes

Christina says you should also avoid buying pieces or get rid of pieces that don’t fit properly. You should never buy or save clothes that are too tight, too baggy, or too restrictive in any way.

The last few things to avoid while learning how to buy clothes you’ll actually wear include pieces that are made from synthetic materials, luxury items you’re too scared to wear, uncomfortable shoes, bad underwear and bras, and just because clothes that you only buy because they piqued your interest or because they’re on sale or thrifted.

How to buy clothes you'll actually wear

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  • Lathie McKinney Lathie McKinney on Oct 06, 2022

    How many of us save those too tight clothes until we lose weight? Get rid of them. Buy more when you actually lose weight.

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    • Patty Patty on Jun 11, 2024

      Good advice, most likely by the time you lose the weight will find them out of style anyway.