How to Do a Home Reset: 5 Essential Decluttering Tips

We're talking about the top five tips for a home reset that you can implement right away. Get your home clean and organized for good, or get it clean and organized quickly when you're ready. As a professional organizer, I use these tips in my own home and the homes of my clients.

1. Edit your home

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is to edit your home. Be ruthless about the things that are in your home. Be mindful that you are the gatekeeper of your home, so you get to determine what gets to come in and what gets to stay.

So with all that being said, edit, declutter, purge, whatever word you want to use there. You have to get rid of things and pare things down.

You probably know the term decluttering or purging. I'm going to use the term editing. You want to be mindful that you're not starting in a space that is too big or too daunting that is going to overwhelm you.

Such spaces like your garage or your primary bedroom closet, or your walk-in pantry might be too big of a project for you to start just now.

However, I want you to get really comfortable with the idea of editing the things in your home and be ruthless about it. This will be helpful in creating an organized home and clean home that allows you to get it back Into shape and reset very quickly.

Establishing a daily routine of decluttering

2. Establish a daily routine

The second tip is to establish a daily, manageable cleaning routine and regular upkeep of your home.

Things like resetting your kitchen at the night's end every single night, making your bed every single morning, or even doing a pile of laundry every single day are going to make your life so much easier because you have a day-to-day routine of all of the things that you know you need to do anyway.

Overall, the idea is to establish routines that make it easy for you to get the things that you know you need to get done, and they are going to help you manage your home in a way that feels easier and more comfortable to you and, again you are establishing a routine meaning you are establishing new habits that are going to make your life easier.

Home organization ideas

3. Organize what is left

The third tip is to finally organize what's left. The whole point here is to make your home simpler, easier to function, to be more productive, and to create better systems within your home.

So when you fully declutter the space, it's much more manageable to create functional, organized systems. It's going to be easier to get the things that you need. It's going to be easier to up your productivity and just be more efficient within your home once you've decluttered and started creating organizational systems within the home.

What's even better is you'll be able to efficiently clean your house.

When you are trying to clean over clutter and crowded spaces, you're really not doing a great job at cleaning because it's too much stuff in the way.

Well, now that you've decluttered and you've created routines to keep up with the day-to-day routines of your home, and you've created organizational systems, it's much easier to clean your home,

How to do a home reset

4. Stick to your habits and routines

The fourth tip is probably going to be the most challenging tip that I'm going to share with you. You have to stick to the habits and routines that you have created for yourself to make sure that your home can stay clean and organized. It is literally that simple. You have to adjust your habits.

That's going to be the biggest tip that I can give you that is going to be beneficial in your journey to keeping your home clean and organized and keeping it that way longer than normal.

5. Honor your home

The last tip that I can offer you guys is not really a tangible tip but more of a mindset. I really want you to focus on honoring your home. Honor the limitations within your home; honor the fact that your home is a place that provides refuge to you from the outside world.

When you're able to do that, you're more inclined to take care of the space in which you live, and that is the last thing that I want to leave you with. By honoring your home, it is going to be so much more peaceful and so much more tranquil for you when you can do that.

How to do a home reset

I hope you can take the five tips for a home reset I shared to clean and organize your home. Do you have tips you use to reset your home and keep it that way? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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