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Hi, my name is Taylor and I want to share with you 50 things I don’t buy anymore. Most of us buy things we don’t need. But the things I’ll share with you that I don’t buy are simply items that my husband and I naturally don't need anymore since we’ve been married.

We have had to be a bit more intentional about other things we wanted to stop buying or cut back on buying. Let’s start!

1. Candy

I have never been a huge fan of sugary candy.

2. Soda

I don’t like soda.

3. Alcohol

I don’t like the taste of alcohol. My husband may buy some wine, but that’s rare.

4. Gift wrapping

I use bags from other purchases that look cool. I also reuse tissue paper I get from other gifts.

5. Mass-produced art

I value handmade art that people take the time to make. It’s more personal and meaningful.

6. Seasonal decor

Storing all these decorations is stressful! We get a tree, stockings, and lights for Christmas. It’s all we need.

7. Greeting cards

They are expensive! I make cards because they’re more thoughtful. 

Making your own greeting cards

8. Air freshener

I use soy candles as an air freshener and an essential oil spray for my bathroom. 

9. Cable TV

We'd rather watch something on our iPad or laptop.

10. Disposable napkins

We use reusable linen napkins that we love.   

11. Disposable cutlery

I just don’t see a need for this item.

12. Tissues

We use toilet paper to wipe our noses.

13. Water bottles

It’s an easy way to cut back.

14. Cleaning products

I just use one cleaning product so I don’t need to buy special cleaners,

15. Plastic bags

Instead, I use washable bags. They are convenient and easy to clean.

16. Tin foil/plastic wrap

Instead, I use beeswax wrap.

Using beeswax wraps

17. Cookbooks

I have a few cookbooks which I like, but I go on Pinterest for recipes. 

18. Disinfectant wipes

I use household cleaner spray and rags to wipe everything down.

19. Liquid hand soap

Instead, I use hand bar soap.

20. Diapers

We use reusable diapers.

21. Formula

I have never bought formula and probably won’t. Thankfully in the beginning I had a big milk supply in the freezer and I am breastfeeding.

22. Fast fashion

About 95% of our clothes and shoes come from thrift stores. The other 5% are investments, which I buy from Poshmark or Mercari. 

23. Cheap jewelry

I used to buy cheap jewelry that would last for six months before breaking. Now, I appreciate quality handcrafted things that will last.

24. Shaving cream

I haven’t bought this for a few years. Instead, I use soap.

25. Nail polish

I like my nails bare. 

Getting an occasional manicure

26. Manicures and pedicures

I get my toes done maybe once a year as a social event with friends.

27. Makeup remover

This is an unnecessary invention. You can use soap, water, and a towel.

28. Hairspray

I just don’t use this in my hair routine. It makes my hair feel gross.

29. Perfume

I make my own perfume with essential oils and coconut oil. I don’t want to spray anything with harmful ingredients if my baby is snuggling me. 

30. Foundation

I have never used foundation. It feels thick and cakey on my face.

31. Hairstyling tools

Curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers are not a part of my everyday hair routine. I’ve never even purchased a blow dryer. 

32. Cotton pads

Instead, I use breast pads which sound weird, but they are so soft. 

33. Tampons and pads

Instead, I use menstrual cups. I’m also going to invest in some period underwear, like the brand Thinx. 

Using menstrual cups instead of sanitary products

34. Mouthwash

I never felt the need to purchase mouthwash because I brush and floss twice a day.

35. Dryer sheets

Instead, I use those cute little dryer balls to get the static out of clothes. Buy them once and use them for years.

36. Fabric softener

I don’t have a replacement for that.

37. Bleach

Bleach is harmful. I use a whitening powder from Branch Basics.

38. Amusement park tickets

When my son grows up and wants to go to Disneyland, we’ll take him. Until then, we’ll buy aquarium tickets or go to the beach.

39. Hotel rooms

We stay with friends or in an Airbnb.  

40. Entertainment subscriptions

We only have Amazon Prime that I enjoy.

41. Music

I use the free version of Spotify and I'm okay with the ads that come with that.

Using Spotify to listen to free music

42. Toothpicks

Use floss!

43. K-cups

We gave away our Keurig about a year ago. We now make lattes, grind beans, and press our coffee.

44. Magazines

Do people even buy magazines anymore? 

45. Breath mints

We sometimes buy chewing gum.

46. Lottery tickets

I have never purchased one in my life and don’t think I ever will. For me, it’s a waste of money. 

47. Drive-thru coffee

The only time we do this is when we travel. We love having a handcrafted drink in a coffee shop. It’s better than drinking mediocre coffee from a drive-thru.

48. Audiobooks

I love audiobooks but I get them for free on the Hoopla app. 

49. Souvenirs

The artist in me cringes over souvenirs that gather dust. I rather purchase something I can wear like a ring, earrings, or a hat.

50. Pets/pet supplies

We don’t own pets. We have the freedom to travel without worrying about pets. 

50 Things I don't buy anymore

We are super simple people and these are items we don’t buy as a minimalist family. I hope you were inspired to give something up. Let us know what you think or what you don’t buy anymore in the comments below. 

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