The 13 Best Minimalist Purchases That Are All About Simple Living

by Simplify

Vera, the vlogger behind Simple Happy Zen, is a huge proponent of simple living and minimalism. And today, she’s sharing the 13 best minimalist purchases she’s ever made in order to help you on your own journey toward minimalism.

When discussing minimalism, Vera says that most people talk about all the things they don’t buy, the items they’ve gotten rid of, or the products they don’t like to spend money on. But, it’s also important to think about all the things in our lives that do add value—including material items.

All 13 of the minimalist purchases Vera is sharing today have made her life easier, more enjoyable, or enriched her life in some way.

What do minimalists buy? The first thing Vera includes as one of her best minimalist purchases is a set of two cozy throw blankets which also help with her heating bill.

Throw blankets are cozy and help with the heating bill

Another thing on Vera’s list of minimalist things to buy is a sunrise alarm clock which makes getting out of bed in the morning very peaceful.

Vera’s E-Reader also made the list of what to buy as a minimalist because it saves space and allows her to change settings and look up words she doesn’t know.

Some of her other best minimalist purchases include a french press, an espresso machine, noise-canceling headphones, a thick yoga mat, organic sports bras, a glass water bottle, and her PlayStation.

The best minimalist purchases

While all of these items are more expensive, she places great value on them, and they’ll make her life more enjoyable for years to come. She also appreciates the money she spends on professional accounting services for her business because it makes her life less stressful.

Lastly, house plants and her cheaper model cell phone are inexpensive purchases she doesn’t ever want to live without.

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