Why I Adopted Extreme Frugal Living

Connie Riet
by Connie Riet

I have chosen a life of extreme frugal living, which is quite different from the regular lifestyle that most of the people I know lead.

Today, I want to share the ways in which extreme frugality has improved and enriched my life, and the reasons I would not go back. Let’s get started.

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1. Embracing a frugal lifestyle

I have embraced a frugal and minimalist lifestyle by finding joy in simplicity. In a society that is constantly encouraging us to accumulate more and strive for bigger and better things, I have chosen to walk a different path, one that is grounded in frugality and minimalism.

Our world often equates happiness with material possessions, and I have found a deeper and more lasting contentment in the simplicity of a frugal life.

By focusing on what truly matters, and letting go of the need to constantly accumulate more things, I have unlocked a newfound sense of freedom and joy.

2. Contentment

The greatest wealth is to live content with little. I find contentment to be the key in my happiness, in simplicity and embracing being frugal and living a minimalist life. I have everything I need, and I am grateful for what I do have, therefore I do not long for more.

I am content with what I have instead of reaching for additional material things to bring me joy and peace. It is not just about saving money, but rather about discovering the beauty in the little things and finding joy in the most simple and unexpected places.

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3. Mindful spending

Being frugal does not mean sacrificing the things that bring me joy or the things that I need. Instead, it is more about just prioritizing them.

As beautiful as the local Mexican products are, I have learned to appreciate the quality over quantity. Investing in the items that truly align with my values and my needs, every purchase becomes a thoughtful decision.

4. Living with less

Contrary to what mainstream culture might have us believe, having fewer possessions can lead to a more fulfilling life, with less clutter and stress.

This has become especially evident to me now that I am traveling nomadically with my husband, so everything I own must fit into my suitcase.

Because of this, each item I bring into my life holds purpose and value, serving a practical function or bringing me genuine joy.

This intentional approach to consumption has made me far more mindful of my choices, helping me to avoid the pitfalls of mindless shopping and impulse purchases.

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5. Financial freedom

One of the significant benefits of embracing a frugal life is financial freedom. By consciously choosing to spend less, and saving and investing more, I have created a safety net that brings me peace of mind.

This does not mean depriving myself of the things that I really do need or enjoy, rather it means making deliberate choices about where my money goes, and finding creative ways to stretch my resources.

6. Simple joys

Living frugally and minimally has enabled me to appreciate the simple joys that often go unnoticed. Enjoying the ocean view or spending time with my loved ones - these moments become the highlights of my life.

Instead of constantly chasing after the next big purchase to make me happy, I am savoring the beauty in the present moment, and finding happiness in the everyday.

Extreme frugal living

How each of us spend our money really is unique to our lifestyles and our values. Sometimes, it is nice to just take a step back, simplifying and relishing in the art of being frugal.

Would you consider yourself a frugal person, or even say that you are living extremely frugally? What does being frugal mean to you, and how does it contribute to your happiness?

I would love to see your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • Jean Woodall Jean Woodall on Mar 16, 2024
    I'm a minimalist. I tend to get things or color them into my favorite colors. That way they are useful and bring me joy. I use everything I buy.
  • Angeline Gullo Angeline Gullo on May 05, 2024
    My thing is Creative Recycling, Home Crafting, & Clearance Sections.πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ I feel like I live like a Queen; everything is Tailored to me & I won't cry if I lose it.