What I've Recently Bought and Made as a Minimalist

Ana Goldberg
by Ana Goldberg

I love the minimalist way of living, but I also buy things occasionally, and I'll share with you things I've bought as a minimalist. I'll also share how each item reflects my intentions. I want to share the stories and reflections behind them.

Noise-canceling headphones

1. Noise-canceling headphones

Before coming to the WEC, we had to spend about ten days in Belgrade, Serbia, to settle all our legal affairs, business, bank account, etc. We had to make different payments, so we just made sure to withdraw enough cash for all those payments and not to use the cards all the time.

So, by the end of our adventure, we still had about $200 worth of cash with us when we arrived at the airport and passed the passport control. The only currency exchange machine that was there was broken.

We didn't want to risk and wait to exchange that money in Turkey, our transit country, or Georgia. We decided we would rather spend it on something we might need.

We rushed through the airport stores and found noise-canceling headphones for me. I use high-quality wireless noise-canceling headphones daily, multiple times, and for long periods.

This new purchase ultimately responds to my intention to listen more than watch this year.


2. Pants

A new pair of pants has been on my wish list for a while, and this purchase I made was half planned and half not because I wasn't going to buy exactly this type of pants, which is corduroy and a relatively bright color.

Before that, for several months, I guess almost half a year, I've had only one pair of pants. I found a great pair of pants at a very affordable price of a gorgeous color, 100% cotton, and I got them. I didn't thrift them. I bought these pants at a discounted outlet store.

Long sleeve shirt

3. Long sleeve shirt

Together with the pants, I bought another item from my wish list, and it's almost an exact match.

I wanted a long-sleeved, beautiful, neutral tone so that I could match it and wear it with everything else I have now. This mock neck long-sleeve was just perfect. I like the dark, dusty pink color. I think it suits me pretty well, and it matches everything.

I can wear it with my handmade vests, my sweaters with the pants that I bought, and my old pants, so the fabric is soft and velvety to the touch, and that's why it ticks all my boxes of intention.

High-top sneakers

4. High-top sneakers

The next item I bought was very sought-after because I wanted it. I've been dreaming of a new pair of high-top sneakers for over a year and finally found them. They are Converse and were the most affordable pair I could find here. They're just perfect.

They're perfect for my long and narrow feet, and the high-top construction gives me a lot of stability. I like the minimalist design a lot. Again, they go together with everything, all my dresses and two pants.

I will wear them during all seasons, that's what I planned. In winter, when it gets cold on some days, I wear my hand-knitted wool socks inside, and I feel warm. As for the intention reflected in this purchase, it's minimalist versatility. They are neutral, so they will go worth any color I wear.

5. Handmade items

While I got rid of some of my handmade clothes, I still kept some of my yarn stash that I took along when we left Serbia first and moved to Romania for three months.

Handmade sweater

This purple sweater I'm showing you is one of the projects I've finished recently using my stash yarn.

It's very weightless, has a very functional and versatile construction, fits everything, and has a gorgeous color that I was so lucky to find. I love this sweater a lot.

As for intentions, I'm glad I followed my wish to use the yarn and all the instruments and tools I already have to create something new. It's a cool-toned item, and I want to wear more cool tones this year.

Homemade top

The next item is a handmade vest or a top.

It's very versatile, and I use the yarn again from my stash that I've been carrying around the world for some time. This yarn was an impulse purchase from last summer.

I'm so glad I still used it and turned it into something functional and wearable. I find that vests are very much needed in my wardrobe. I wear them often; they are great for my style and individual thermoregulation.

This model is for warmer days as it doesn't contain any wool. Again, I intended to use my yarn from the little stash and follow the cool tone rule.

Yoga mat

6. Sports equipment

I bought some sports equipment I've wanted to get for a while. At this stage of my life, I prefer to work more with my body weight, and I got a foam roll for myofascial release and a Pilates ball for mobility workouts.

Together with my old thin yoga mat and an elastic band, I have a perfect gym for very functional workouts. For this year, I set an intention to get my mental and physical stability and strength back; these are excellent helpers.


7. Compact blanket

Last but not least, the purchase I want to share with you today is a convertible baby-sized blanket that we accidentally bought in Romania.

While we were traveling, I dreamt of having some compact blankets during our short-term stays because I usually need at least two blankets and two pillows to use at night to sleep well.

This blanket is baby-size and has a very childish design, although it is funny. I enjoy it a lot; it can be turned into a pillow. I still use this blanket as a soft pillow for my work chair or to feel cozy and comfortable. I think it meets my intention to nurture mental health.

Minimalist purchases

These are the things I have bought as a minimalist, keeping intention in mind. Please share in the comments what items you've bought recently and why. Also, share how they met your intentions.

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