50+ Easy Ways to Save Money: How Many of These Things Do You Do?

Budget Girl
by Budget Girl

I'm Sarah Wilson, also known as Budget Girl, and today I'm sharing 50+ easy ways to save money. Some of these I bet you've never heard of before. Let's get started with these easy, effective, and sneaky ways to save money!

1. Education

Educate yourself about saving money or even making money with new income streams. For example, Skillshare.com offers hundreds of video tutorials by experts that teach you anything you can imagine.

2. Buy in bulk

Purchase nonperishable items, like deodorant and toilet paper, in bulk for the discount.

3. Use less detergent

Using too much detergent actually makes clothes less clean because machines can’t rinse the excess! Use about half to a third of what you think you need.

4. Make pet toys

Create pet toys from old rags, t-shirts, and other recyclable items. Your pets don’t care; they will love whatever you make for them.

5. Unplug

Unplug your electronic devices, including anything that’s not a major appliance, when they're not in use.

6. Go meatless

Meat has become so expensive! Learn to cook with legumes and beans to offset the amount of protein you’re not eating from meat.

7. Soak beans

Get dry beans either in bulk and soak them overnight. You'll save money over the canned versions and they’re healthier.

8. Fix things yourself

Look up how to fix things on YouTube before you hire professionals, except in emergencies.

9. Dryer balls

Dryer balls keep laundry from clumping and let warm air circulate better, which reduces drying time and electricity use.

10. Reuse soap dispensers

Refill used foaming hand soap dispensers with hand soap you buy in bulk. You’ll use about 5% of the soap that you’d use with a regular soap pump.

Using plastic bags as trash bags to save money

11. Recycle trash bags

Use plastic bags from the store as trash can liners.

12. Join a local group

Look for local online groups in your area that give away free items, like Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor.com, and Freecycle.com.

13. Go paperless

Toss the cost of paper towels and napkins and rely on washable kitchen rags.

14. Freeze food

Freezing food extends the shelf life of many items, including bread.

15. Make produce last longer

If you use paper towels, keep your produce fresh by placing a sheet on top of lettuce and greens to help them last longer.

16. Switch to a menstrual cup

Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons or pads to save money and waste (plus they’re comfortable).

17. Double dryer sheets

Cut dryer sheets in half. You don’t need a full sheet for every dryer load.

18. Use cloth napkins

Instead of costly paper napkins, use cloth napkins for a nice dining experience.

19. Ditch disposables

Use real plates and silverware over disposables to save money.

20. Know your prices

Keep a price list on your phone of how much staples in your area cost so you know to stock up during sales.

Comparing grocery prices to save money

21. Plan meals

Plan meals based on store sales and seasonal foods.

22. Launder in cold water

Wash all of your clothes in cold water. It’s effective and costs less than hot water.

23. Use a water filter pitcher

Fill up a pitcher or water bottles and keep them in your fridge to quickly hydrate.

24. Flavor your water

Look for powder or liquid flavor add-ins for your water at the dollar stores. They’ll help you from becoming bored with water and turning to expensive drinks.

25. Clean the dryer lint trap

Cleaning the dryer lint trap after each use helps your dryer run more efficiently, saves energy costs, and reduces fire hazards.

26. Use GoodRx

GoodRx.com offers prescription medication discounts and coupons.

27. DIY basic ingredients

Make basic recipes from scratch, such as pancake and waffle mix, cookies, and even vanilla extract.

28. Delete store apps

Eliminate store apps off your phone so you don’t impulse shop.

29. Cut streaming services

Cut unused streaming services. You can always reopen an account.

Making your own lunches to save money

30. Make lunches

Bring coffee and lunch to work every day. Make lunch out or visit Starbucks as a treat, instead.

31. Buy frozen vegetables

Take advantage of frozen vegetables. They have the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables.

32. Rent or borrow

Borrow or rent tools, appliances, or other items you'll need for a short period.

33. Kitchen cleanouts

Regularly clean out your fridge, freezer, and pantry to use up what you have.

34. Eat leftovers

Bring leftovers of your favorite meals to work for lunch the next day.

35. Learn to cut hair

Learn to give DIY haircuts and trim your family’s hair.

36. Learn DIY pet grooming

Grooming your pet will save lots of money and the mistakes will be a little less embarrassing.

37. Shop for used items

Shop second-hand first.

38. Lower credit card rates

Call credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest rate or eliminate fees.

39. Lower utility costs

Call your internet provider, cable company, cell phone company, and other regular monthly utility services, and insist on a lower rate.

40. Shop car insurance rates

Shop rates annually to lower your car insurance costs. Use rate comparison companies to do the work for you for free.

Getting a library card to save money

41. Get a library card

A library card allows you to access free digital books, magazines, movies, and audiobooks. You never pay late fees because expired items disappear from your account.

42. Autoship frequently used items

If you frequently use something, auto-ship it to your home monthly. It saves money compared to buying single servings and you don’t have to lug heavy packages home.

43. Negotiate medical debts

Call the debt collector to settle an old medical bill with a lower cash amount. Get a closeout offer letter and send the check once it arrives.

44. Take turns entertaining

Instead of going out on the town with friends, take turns entertaining at each other’s homes. Trade nights hosting and let everyone bring food to share.

45. Wait to upgrade your devices

Fancier phones are always coming out but buying last year’s model or a refurbished device saves money.

46. Use cashback browser extensions

Cashback browser extensions give you money back on items you’re already purchasing.

47. Use rewards apps

Phone apps like Fetch Rewards scan your grocery receipts and give you cash back just for food shopping.

48. Keep needs/wants lists

Keep an updated list of things that you need and want so that when you see an item on sale, used, or for free, you know to snag it.

49. Keep grocery lists

Keep a list on your fridge of things you're running out of so you can avoid multiple weekly store trips. Fewer store trips mean less money spent.

50. Get organized

Keep your home organized to avoid buying excess and duplicate products.

51. Clean your closet

Before shopping for new clothes or accessories, clean out your closet, sell items online, and use the money for new clothes.

Easy ways to save money

Small changes like these save you thousands of dollars over time. Let me know if you’re already doing any of these tips or what ideas you want to try out in the comments below!

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    Great list! Most of what you list I already do or it doesn’t apply. I did want to mention one thing we do to save money. We are very picky about our coffee and so we use a Nespresso machine. I drink decaf coffee and my husband drinks regular so this allows us to make our individual coffee without having 2 coffee machines. The pods get very expensive though so we reuse the ones we have and make our own pods. I simply cut the tops out of the old pods empty the used grounds, clean the pods and refill them. You can purchase special tops for these from MyCap for about $12 dollars per 100. Use what ever coffee you like and make your pods for a few cents versus $1.50.

  • Maria Maria on Oct 08, 2023

    Fabulous list, I no longer purchase expensive K-cups for my Keurig coffee machine.

    I purchased a few 6 packs of reusable k-cup insert and a box of 300 white paper filters. Now i make my own cup of coffee with my brand choice. At time i even grinds my own beans. The white paper coffee filters makes it easy to clean out the used coffee, without going down the drain.

    Even thou I had an initial expense, in the long run I spend way less than when i was buying a 10 or 12 pack of already made K-cups at about $10.00 a box, and all that plastic filling the landfill.

    I spend $55.00 on sale, for a 5 lbs bag of vanilla cappuccino beans, but it does last my husband and I, about 2 and half months.