Crazy Frugal Hacks to Help You Save Money Around the House

by Simplify

Kim, from Free to Family, loves sharing her top frugal hacks so that you can keep more money in your pocket and send less of it outside your home. She says that there are plenty of simple ways to save money at home that you may not have even thought of, and they all stack up together to compound your savings over time.

The first of the frugal life hacks Kim recommends is hanging your laundry up instead of using the dryer every time. Plus, she says you should always use the minimum amount of laundry soap recommended on the cap and use cold water to wash it all.

Kim saves even more money by looking at grocery store sales fliers weekly and using them to plan out her shopping list. She also saves all of the boxes that come into her home as products are delivered and reuses them later on for gift giving.

The most extreme frugal hacks Kim regularly uses include cutting all of her magic erasers, sponges, and dishwashing tabs to make them last longer. And another way she learned how to save money at home is by reusing glass jars for dry food storage, especially dry beans that make for a really inexpensive meal.

Meal planning is a frugal hack

More of Kim’s frugal hacks are weekly meal planning, collecting affordable recipes, and using what you already have at home. Moreover, she never upgrades old technology that still works such as her digital camera, DVD player, and cell phone. But, she uses the technology she has smartly to sign up for many apps, getting free and discounted items at stores and restaurants.

Frugal hacks

Want to learn more frugal hacks? Kim says to look around your home and see what you can do to cut back and compound your savings.

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