The 6 Worst Purchases of My 20s & the Lessons I Learned From Them

A Millennial Grandma
by A Millennial Grandma

Today, I will share with you all the worst purchases I made in my 20s. I was young and inexperienced with money. I wasted a lot of money on terrible purchases but learned good lessons from them.

In my previous tutorial, I shared the best purchases I made in my 20s, so now it's time to come clean about the worst ones. Hopefully, this will help you make more mindful and intentional investments.

1. Prada backpack

One of the worst purchases I made in my 20s was a Prada backpack because it didn't suit my needs.

I bought it pre-loved back in 2017 or 2018. This was back in the YouTube days when having designer backpacks was all the rage.

I wanted the vintage Louis Vuitton bag, which was a lot more practical because it had thicker straps and it fits a lot more items than the other newer ones I had seen. Instead, I chose to go the more affordable route, but it didn't suit my needs.

I wanted it to fit a water bottle and a laptop for when I go to work, but it didn't even fit the water bottle I had before I bought the backpack. I had a bit of self-doubt whether or not it would fit the amount of stuff I needed, but I chose to ignore that and bought it still, which was a mistake.

From that product purchase, I learned not to jump the gun and purchase an item, especially if I have self-doubts about it and I'm not entirely 100% sold. You'll spend more time and effort getting rid of that item, so save yourself the hassle and don't go for it.

Fast fashion footwear

2. Fast fashion footwear

The next worst purchase I made was fast-fashioned shoes and uncomfortable shoes. I bought a pair of knee-high boots that looked cool with my skinny jeans and leather jacket. Let's go with fast-fashioned shoes first.

When I was wearing it, it started pouring down one afternoon, and I thought, okay, let me keep walking and just head home. After a while, I felt my feet starting to get wet, and it was because of the boots. The boots were leaking water. They did not protect my feet at all.

This was a terrible purchase. They looked cool and went with my outfit, but when the time that I needed them most to keep my feet warm and dry, they did not do their job.

Now I try to invest in quality items and not go for the look of it or because it's cheap, because you're going to end up paying for it in the long run.

3. Uncomfortable shoes

To go along with that would be uncomfortable shoes. These would be more of the heels I bought early in my professional career because I thought they made me look more put together, and people would take me more seriously because I was dressed professionally.

That's not what people care about at all. People care about the ideas you bring to the table and what you have to say.

Using a GoPro

4. GoPro

Another worst purchase that I made in my 20s was a GoPro. I traveled a lot in my 20s. I went to so many places, learned a lot of really cool things, and met many really cool people. I thought I wanted to own a GoPro because I wanted it to capture all of the things I was doing.

I think I bought it for almost $400, and I only used it during one trip, when I went to the Philippines.

Since then, throughout my other travels to those countries, to other countries that I've been to; I didn't bring or use my GoPro because I could capture all the things I wanted to in my camera or on my phone.

I didn't use my GoPro to capture more action-type videos because it was more about exploration, eating, immersing myself in culture for me, and I didn't want to have that extra gadget that I had to take care of during that time.

Beauty influencer

5. Influencer trends

Another worst purchase that I made in my 20s was buying into influencer trends, whether it be skincare trends, makeup trends to fashion trends, which was the main culprit for me before I got into minimalism.

I bought a ton of fast fashion items because I saw an influencer wearing them or I was inspired by a celebrity who had a similar look, but I wanted to get it at a cheaper price.

Eventually, my closet ended up getting filled with tons of items that I didn't wear, and I was feeling overburdened and confused, and I didn't know what my essential style was at the end of it. I didn't even think about what style represented me.

It's a lesson learned for me, especially knowing now what style represents me and what I'm comfortable wearing, instead of getting influenced left and right and purchasing so many items that don't represent who I am and what I'm aiming for.


6. Snowboard

The last worst purchase I made in my 20s was a snowboard and all the equipment that goes along with that. I made it when I had other priorities to deal with, such as my tuition, rent, food, and all that stuff I needed to do when I was still in university.

Instead, I used the precious money that I was able to earn during the summertime to buy snowboard and equipment that I would only be able to use for the winter season.

Worst purchases of my 20s

Those are the worst purchases that I made in my 20s. While I regret them, I learned valuable spending lessons from making bad purchases.

What's the worst purchase you made in your 20s? Share in the comments below.

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