This Family's Tiny House Tent Allows For a More Outdoor Lifestyle

by Simplify

This tiny house tent in New Mexico is allowing Zac, Katie, Fox, and Grizzly to live life in nature as a family of four.

The family was living in a cramped California apartment but decided to move to New Mexico, where Katie’s mom owns land, in order to be able to give their children a more outdoor lifestyle.

Tiny house tent

Because of that, the entire home is centered around the outdoor stone firepit, where they cook most of their meals and generally hang out. They also have a beautiful garden, where they took 100 pounds of seed and let it “do its thing”, and the result is outstanding. The children help out and spend lots of time in the garden and playing outdoors on this 2-acre property.

The house tent is 300 square feet, with an open deck of 150 square feet. The tent itself is pretty simple. It’s made out of heavy canvas that was set over concrete blocks and a frame. The canvas is heavy to keep the moisture out, but still breathable.

Because they were on a budget, the family used polycarbonate sheeting, which they were able to pick up for a good price at Home Depot. There is also a polycarbonate tarp on top to keep out the rain and prevent leaks.

The tent feels like a modern cabin inside, with a wood frame made from a disassembled barn from Idaho, and light fixtures that were crafted by Zac. Using reclaimed materials and doing the building work themselves saved on costs, bringing the price of the tent in at $5,000.

Tiny house tent

Although the living room has a big TV, one of Zac and Katie’s favorite parts of living so close to nature is that their kids don’t spend a lot of time in front of a screen, but instead, spend time outdoors and hanging out as a family. They are grateful for their tiny house tent that allows them to spend more time together.

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