Why She Lives in a Gorgeous Yurt Home With an On-Site Micro-Farm

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Meghan’s incredible California yurt home, “Yurtlandia” is a micro-farm and eco-activism center that offers guests a little piece of paradise.

The home is composed of four yurts on a 10-acre off-grid farm. There are two 30-foot yurts, one of which is a communal space and the other of which is available for short and long-term rental, and two 16-foot yurts; one is Meghan’s bedroom and the other one is a guest bedroom.

In this video, Meghan gives a tour of her yurt homestead and talks about the pros and cons of yurt living:

The home is completely off-grid. The home was already off-grid when Meghan bought it, and the original off-grid infrastructure is holding up pretty well, though Meghan did buy new batteries, which she expects to last five years.

Her hope is that by the time the batteries run out, a lot of the new technology for off-grid living will have become more affordable, allowing her to upgrade her system.

In the meantime, Meghan has a barn where she keeps her solar panels, batteries, and inverters. She does see some challenges to living off-grid—such as the two coldest and hottest weeks of the year when she doesn’t have central heating or air conditioning—but sees them as offset by the benefits, such as being close to nature and preserving the environment.

Living in yurts

Meghan is on a mission to improve the land; She grows some of her own food and keeps chickens. Farming is second nature to her because she grew up on a farm. She has a small farm-to-table catering company and wants to expand the business and help bring people closer to the food that they eat and the connection to the earth.

This entire complex cost Meghan only $20,000, including the renovations she made in order to use the yurts as a permanent home for herself and to meet her dreams of sharing the yurt experience with others.

Living in a yurt home

Altogether, this sustainable and environmentally-friendly yurt home provides a peaceful oasis in California that Meghan enjoys every day when she sits on the deck and looks at the beautiful views while drinking her morning cup of coffee.

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