This Modern Yurt is Mixing Tradition With Contemporary Design

by Simplify

Nicole and Zach knew that they wanted to build something unique. With this modern yurt located on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, they’ve created something that is both functional and elegant, creating an inspiring journey for others. In this video, they take you inside their modern yurt and discuss their experience with yurt living.

This yurt tiny home brings yurts to the 21st century with its modern, contemporary design. It balances its neutral color scheme by having colorful potted plants throughout the home. One of its unique features is the exposed white latticework, which modernizes the tradition of exposed lattice work in yurts by muting its color palette.

A yurt is a traditional dwelling used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey

The yurt’s circular design creates a natural flow of movement throughout the space. The cozy living room has a couch sectional that folds out into a mattress for guests. It is separated from the kitchen/dining area by a bathroom that stands in the center of the circular room, acting as a divider and the space’s only internal walls.

The bathroom has a pocket door to save space and motion-activated lights. It has a composting toilet and a shower that uses well water.

The bathroom ceiling acts as the platform for the round sleeping loft, which is surrounded by green plants and has a view of the treetops through the skylight, giving it the feeling of a natural oasis.

This modern yurt is, in Zach’s words “consciously on-grid”. It is plugged into the city’s electricity, running on 30-amp power, and uses well water for showering, with a water cooler for drinking water.

The cost of this yurt home comes in at around $65,00, with $31,000 for the structure, $10,000 for platform $10,000 and $20,00-$25,000 for the internal structure, furniture, and appliances. But Zach feels that the experience was worth it: It completely changed how he looks at the built world around him.

Modern yurt tiny home

Through their website,, Zach and Nicole are encouraging others to start their own yurt journeys. They're demonstrating how living in a yurt can be compatible with a modern, contemporary lifestyle.

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