This Retired Couple's Tiny House is All About Peace & Serenity

by Simplify

Located in a tiny home community in Lookout Mountain, Cloudland, Georgia, this tiny house for retired couple Charles and Bob is all about peace and serenity. They named their home “The Hermitage”, in honor of Charles’ time as a monk.

The home is a park model cabin, just shy of 400 square feet. It has a living room with a leather recliner and a wooden chair/table. Charles loves wood and used that as an aesthetic motif throughout the cabin: The cabin is made from stacked timber logs, with no hollow spaces in between, which makes this tiny home well-insulated.

There is also extensive use of wood in the interiors, such as the cedar pine kitchen and bathroom counters. An electric fireplace completes the rustic look and provides heat, while a mini-split air conditioner provides cooling on warmer days.

This home is equipped with plenty of hidden storage. Bob and Charles also use their sleeping loft as an additional storage area (they sleep in the ground floor bedroom), and chose to forego a dishwasher in order to maximize cabinet storage in the kitchen. An additional space-saving device is the pocket doors for the bedroom and bathroom.

The cabin has a bathroom with a flushing toilet. One of the major benefits of this tiny home community is that they provide you with a septic tank hookup and take care of maintaining and emptying it.

Another perk is that they provide you with landscaping, including a driveway and a fire pit outside the home, which can be used for barbecuing on the long summer nights.

The tiny home is located at Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Charles and Bob love being outdoors and often eat meals on their porch, which has beautiful forest views and is often visited by passing deer. Their porch is a screen deck porch, which helps protect them from bug bites while they’re enjoying their lunch.

Tiny house for a retired couple

With its stunning views, wooden aesthetics, and well-laid-out design, this peaceful tiny house for a laidback retired couple shows that tiny home retirement can be a beautiful and enriching lifestyle.

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