Incredible Tiny Homes 2022: The Top Tiny House Tours of the Year

by Simplify

Tiny homes have been around for ages, but they’ve seen a noticeable increase in popularity in recent years. From cost-savings to living a more sustainable lifestyle, more people are being drawn into tiny home living than ever before. And these incredible tiny homes in 2022 are the epitome of must-see to believe.

When it came to selecting the best tiny homes of 2022, it basically boiled down to discovering unique designs that created the wow factor.

Many of these homes are compact square foot wise, but they feel much bigger in person. And they take advantage of the space they do have to meet the individual needs of their owners. Plus, they utilize impressive design features that help them stand out from the rest.

After taking countless tiny home tours in 2022, Bryce Langston, the host of Living Big in a Tiny House, can say with confidence that these tiny homes, in particular, show off the most popular tiny home trends of 2022.

Ingenious ideas like solar panel hot water systems and rainwater collection systems built under the deck are just a few examples of how tiny house owners these days live entirely off the grid. Not only does this save on utility bills, but it also allows tiny homeowners to help the environment.

Tiny home designs

Other notable features in these incredible tiny homes in 2022 include clever storage spaces, interior design inspired by nature, reclaimed building products, hand-crafted pieces, loft sleeping areas, and spectacular outdoor living spaces.

If that were not enough, the tiny homes selected this year are also known for being transformable with furniture pieces that serve multiple functions—many of which can then be stored seamlessly out of sight.

Incredible tiny homes of 2022

These top tiny homes of 2022 just go to show that you don’t need a ton of space to live in a beautiful space with everything you need.

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