Take a Tour of This Retiree's Tiny Home With a Sunroom

by Simplify

Gloria lives in a house that is much smaller than a regular home, but quite spacious for a tiny home.

It is part of a tiny home retirement community, which allows the participants to retire comfortably and affordably. Let’s take a look around Gloria’s tiny home with a sunroom.

Sunny room

The original house was 320 square feet, but Gloria did not want to let go of some of the furniture she had in her old home, so she built a 252 square feet sunporch to fit it in. This is where she hosts all her friends for a coffee every morning.

Gloria takes advantage of all the space in the house for storage: the cupboard by her bed, as well as two drawers beneath it, work as pantries. Pots and pans would take up a lot of space, so Gloria found a creative solution: she hangs them on the wall along with knives.

The kitchen is very flexible, with a huge sink that can be covered with a wood deck for more meal prep space, gas and induction cooktops, a dishwasher, and a full-size refrigerator and freezer. There is also a storage loft, accessible with a ladder that comes down from the ceiling.

In the bathroom, there are full-size washers and dryers stacked on top of one another, which Gloria converted to propane. A walk-in shower is extremely comfortable. Outside Gloria has planted a small garden, where she grows herbs and tomatoes.

Tiny home with a sunroom

Gloria decided to downsize because she felt like she did not use much of the space in her regular house, which was hard to afford on her fixed income. Retiring in a tiny home was perfect for her.

With her own cozy space, a warm community, and the unconditional love of her two dogs, Gloria feels she has everything she needs.

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