Take a Tour of This Plant-Filled Studio Loft Apartment in Amsterdam

by Simplify

Koen Fraijman is a designer who renovated a studio loft apartment in Amsterdam with his girlfriend Fadime. The apartment is located directly on the waterfront, and its high ceilings and big windows were what initially appealed to Koen.

Plants in the window

The loft apartment consists of a loft floor which serves as the bedroom, and a lower floor with a kitchen and living area. Koen and Fadime made sure the entrance is minimalistic, so nothing stops one from seeing straight through the apartment into the waterfront. Outside, he built a floating deck that extends the terrace.

The living room is full of light and is decorated with lots of plants, which match the green tiles on the walls. The TV is suspended from the ceiling with reels, so it can be moved around or put away behind the couch, with its back facing the living room. There is a pink cabinet that holds a lot of storage and even features a hidden desk.

Koen and Fadime loved the calmness of the original gray kitchen, so they kept it and upgraded it with a kitchen island, as well as a spice rack above it. The washing machine was moved to the bathroom to allow space for a dishwasher. The round dining table is extendable and can host up to 8 people.

The sleeping area is separated from the rest of the apartment with a cabinet that the couple stores their shoes in, as well as an open drying cabinet. There are also curtains around the bed. In the bathroom, Koen built a custom cabinet around the small washing machine.

Studio loft apartment

By combining pre-existing elements, random things they found and loved, and creative freedom, Koen and Fadime created an incredibly unique Amsterdam loft that they can both fully enjoy.

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