How She Makes Use of Space in Her 350sqft Tiny Studio Apartment

by Simplify

Tisha has a tiny studio apartment that she calls home. Looking for a place that fit well within her budget, she was first drawn in by the quirky and old-fashioned character of the building she now resides in. And with only 350 square feet inside, the tiny studio apartment tour she’s giving you today doesn’t take much time at all.

Incredibly though, while her home is noticeably small in size, it’s also big on style. With neutral colors, wood accents, and cute home decor pieces, Tisha has created a home that feels warm, welcoming, and cozy.

Tiny studio apartment

Plus, the tiny studio apartment layout she calls her own is filled with an abundance of light, clever use of storage, and incredibly tall ceilings.

According to Tish, one of the main priorities she set before she moved in was designing and maintaining a minimalist tiny studio apartment aesthetic, so that it would never feel too confining or overcrowded. She wanted to make sure that everything she owned had a home and could be kept out of sight at all times.

Other tiny studio apartment ideas she came up with include buying home goods in white to create more breathing space, using strategically-placed mirrors to make the rooms seem larger, and buying bold furniture and accent pieces.

Tisha also used rugs to divide the areas between rooms. And decorative baskets and a tv unit store serve multiple functions including extra storage.

Her tiny studio apartment also serves as her home office much of the time. She uses her small space to style food and develop recipes for her business and her table and kitchen island are plenty spacious to make that work.

Tiny studio apartment

All in all, Tisha lives a simple and very affordable life and her tiny studio apartment meets all her needs.

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  • Indulekha Indulekha on Jan 10, 2023

    Ohmygoodness I love how you have utilized your space and how gorgeous and tranquil it is! Do you live in an area that has changing seasons and if so do you have clever storage for seasonal rotation?

  • BrendaStarr BrendaStarr on Jan 07, 2024

    You should look at Murphy beds and other disappearing furniture.