Take a Tour of This Ultra-Tall Tiny House With a Pop-Top Roof

by Simplify

Shani and Christian have built an off-the-grid tall tiny house in the middle of a beautiful field in Australia. They say it was mostly a DIY project that they managed with the help of some friends and just a few professionals. The house is ultra-tall, with a pop-top roof and many other impressive features.

The approach the couple took with designing the interior of the house was “no white walls”. Christian describes the style they chose as a “mid-century modern Australiana cabin”. The walls are dark green, and a lot of timber is used on the ceilings and furniture.

The house was mostly a DIY project

There are two entrances, a lot of doors, and openable windows to ensure airflow. The windows truly occupy most of the walls, creating a sense of being in nature even when inside.

The whole space is transformable. The couch is cleverly raised to allow for more storage space, including even pullout desks. The dinner table can be closed and moved out of the way when needed.

The kitchen is filled with storage spaces, to make sure that everything can be put away and to avoid visual clutter. All the appliances are hidden behind doors. Even the sink can be covered with a piece of wood.

Most small houses have pretty low ceilings. After all, how tall can a tiny house be? In Shani and Christian’s house, however, even the loft located up the stairs allows for a tall person to stand up straight. The bedroom is super cozy and offers wonderful views of the scenery.

Ultra-tall tiny house

This house was the couple’s way of reducing and minimizing their environment, getting rid of all the unnecessary things, and being as connected with nature as possible.

The house is perfectly designed to suit their needs, and there is no doubt that all the thought and hard work that went into this house has paid off.

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