This Tiny L-Shape House in Tokyo Comes With an Onsen Bath

by Simplify

David Sun and his wife live in an L-shape house right in the heart of Tokyo. After moving there from California six years ago, David wanted to live in the bustling city with his young family, but he needed to find a space that was also affordable. And a tiny house in Tokyo ended up being just what they needed.

Traditional onsen bath

Their narrow tiny house is three stories tall, and it measures just over 500 square feet. Since houses in an L-shape make for pretty tight living quarters, the Sun family had to be creative when designing their space and furnishing it. And they even decided to rent out the lower level to a dance studio while their son is still so young.

From the outside, tiny narrow homes in the area have a mysterious facade. All you can really see from the street is a large staircase and two unassuming doors.

But once you step inside, you’re welcomed with a flagpole design which is similar to boats in the area. And that’s because property is so expensive in the area so families build homes that make the most of the smaller lots they have available to them.

The first space you are greeted with in the Sun family home is an entrance hall that doubles as a study space. In this area, they have a large shoe cabinet and a modular shelf system for storage.

Moving further into their L-shape house, you walk up to a small professional kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a wood countertop. They even have a small washing machine hidden under a seemingly small countertop that actually extends out to form a much longer one.

Lastly, their L-shape house also includes beautiful cherry-lined bedrooms and baths.

Living in an L-shape house

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