Take a Tour of This DIY Floating Tiny Home That is 100% Off the Grid

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Jay Blackmore lives in a floating tiny home tied to a dock. The 700-square-foot house is completely independent of the grid, requires minimal maintenance, and was built entirely by Jay. Jay is now sharing his experience with building the house and living in it with his children.

Floating homes in British Columbia

Jay says his floating home has been four years in the making, as he only works on it in his spare time. Jay started by building a 16ft wide, 40ft long, and 3ft deep barge from four independent watertight boxes, to create a robust, strong platform.

Then, on top of that, he started building the house, which is 14ft wide by 34ft long on the main floor and 12ft by 24 on the second floor.

When you walk in, you are in the main living area, with a sofa and kitchen. Then there is a bathroom with a shower vanity and composting toilet. Upstairs, there are two full-size bedrooms.

In terms of power, there is a sealed-off battery bank with 740 amp hours of batteries. They are being powered by 400 watts of solar panels up on the roof. Everything is wired with yacht or boat wiring, which is multi-stranded tinned wiring against corrosion.

The primary source of heat is a pellet stove which holds around 50 pounds of pellets, and Jay has almost two winters' worth of heat left on board. The amount of waste is minimal - a quarter cup of ash after a week of use. An evaporation gray water system ensures nothing is dumped overboard.

Floating tiny home

Jay chose to turn his life around because he was getting tired of all the maintenance and expenses his house required. He also admits he wanted a lifestyle that would reduce his footprint and set an example for his kids. A tiny home on the water proved great in that aspect.

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