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Hi, I'm Barbara, and this is my tiny house art studio in New Mexico. I've lived in my tiny home for three months, and it is 8 by 24. I pay $400, including my sewer, and separately for my water and electricity.

Outside tour

Let me show you the outside of the house first here.

Painting bird mural

This is Tiffany, my mural that I just about finished with.

It's the beginning of many different animals I will put all around my tiny home. What inspired me to paint a mural on my home was because the gray on this house needs color, and I'm one who doesn't have a favorite color, but man, when it comes to color, I can put whatever I want.

I painted this from a reference photo of a roadrunner sitting in my backyard. So, this is the primary type of tiny home mural that I like to do. All done in exterior paint, or you can do it inside paint.

I'm an artist of all trades, pretty much. I paint murals, mostly realism. I do landscape and pet portraits; I draw, paint, and do graphic arts. I'm a singer-songwriter. I can harmonize just about anything.

Tiny house

Let's head inside the house, and I'll show you what I got inside.

Inside tiny house tour

Welcome to my tiny home, which is about 200 square feet.

Tiny house

This is my studio, living room, and sometimes dining room.

I have plenty of space to work on my art here. This holds all of the artwork that I have done. I've been doing more drawings and murals than canvas paintings lately.


This is my library slash memory thing that I'm still putting together.

So, on this side, this is pretty much my makeshift dining area, where I pull this out quickly. I access my chairs from over there and have my breakfast, lunch, or whatever in the chair.

Fold-out table

When I'm finished, I fold it up.

Tiny house

I have a small 400-watt solar on the roof that I got connected to a small power bank; this one's my upgrade.


This is the TV. The nice thing about it is that it swivels.


I can watch it from the kitchen or the living room.

It's also charming for reference photos when I'm painting or drawing. I have an induction top. I do have access to the propane line underneath here.

Tiny house kitchen

I prefer induction because I don't like excessive heat, and I like the speed of how fast it cooks. I keep my small appliances.

I have an air fryer, and this is my oven. Everything that I eat pretty much ends up here most of the time.

IKEA cabinet

I have my IKEA cabinets here, and they're all recycled from my previous home.

Strainer cabinet

This is my shelf, but it's a strainer slash cabinet for my dishes.

It's nice to have over the sink and everything because it drains quickly.

My lamp is just sweet. I got it from the sweet lady out in the south of Albuquerque, and it's got a light that dims, and it doesn't flicker when it comes on or anything. That's nice to have in the evenings when you don't want that bright light.

A tough time in my life was when I lost my husband to cancer back in April and to go through the works of getting rid of everything I could. It was a good thing psychologically because anything that had to do with the husband that I've loved for many, many years and been married to for, you know, almost 30.

I was very, very close to him more than I was his stuff.

Drawing at desk

I had to use that as my leverage to move on, and I knew I needed to go tiny, and in my husband's will, he was very blunt about going for my dream of getting this boxable slash tiny home.


Behind here, this was replaced by a little too big door, but I put it in myself.

I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm not sure what they're called, though.

Tiny house bathroom


Inside my bathroom, there is a washer-dryer combo. It's been pretty good to me.

Towel shelving

This is some shelving that I put in myself.

The closet is pretty open. Everything's pretty wide open in here for storage for my closet. I have my vanity for even more storage.

I have my favorite sink. I don't think I've ever had a bathroom sink so lovely. I have a medicine cabinet that came from my house that I sold.


This is the shower here.

I have a rain shower head up here, and I am so glad I bought this teak wood that I've got on the floor of the shower. It is so nice, smells lovely when you're showering, and feels good on your feet. Now we're done with the bathroom.

The loft

I'll show you a few things on our way to the loft.

Murphy desk

This is my Murphy desk.

The Murphy desk is something that I found on Craigslist because I needed a separate space for work. When I say work, that doesn't mean art; it's like budgeting and bills.


So now we're going to go check out the loft, this is my place of rest.

As you can see, it is my music storage for my extra supplies when I go out and do gigs. It's pretty spacious. I have an egress window, which will be installed soon.

I'm also going to get a skylight right above here because I am so crazy over the stars at night I've got to have a skylight. I have the keyboard set up here where if I wanted to, I just peel back the dust cover, and it's already plugged in.

Tiny house

I learned of tiny homes through a fantastic commercial that I saw online called Boxables.

They were pretty; they're pretty much a Home that gets folded up to the size of a container, and they were just coming into business right around the start of the pandemic.

I fell in love with the idea of being portable. It's funny; I did not understand why I wanted to eliminate many things through the years until I saw the Boxable, and I thought I needed this.

I worked with a contractor who bartered with me on a tiny home.


He had some murals he needed to be done in one of his tiny home communities out of Wichita.

We worked out an excellent deal. Add all that stuff together if you put the total costs in, excluding the bartering, $50,000.

I did a few things in here that were not of interest, so I just had him remove them and change them around, but after all the costs and everything, if you take the bartering and put it in place, it takes it down to about $30,000.

Painted quote

Because of my scoliosis, I'm merging more into Tiny Home murals than massive ones.

Climbing three stories is excellent; I love it, but yeah, my back will tell me.

Tiny house art studio

Do you have a tiny house art studio? What are your favorite things about it? Share your thoughts and plans in the comments below.

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