Her Tiny House & Art Studio is the Perfect Creative Space

by Simplify

Nowadays, tiny homes aren’t just for living in. And Trees has proven just how versatile a tiny home can be by building a tiny house art studio of her own, next to the one she lives in.

The warm and inviting living quarters of Trees’s tiny house with an art studio comes fully furnished with stained glass windows, a metal roof, a garden, and outdoor furniture on the outside as well as wood paneling, raised ceilings, a wood stove, and a feature oil lamp on the inside.

Making copper jewelry

When moving over to the art studio tiny house itself, you’ll notice a fully-decked-out kitchen and a large workshop-type space dedicated to creating her art. What looks like a wood wall made out of old bits of timber with retro-looking words stenciled all over it is actually a feature wall with funky wallpaper. But none of her guests are the wiser.

Her tiny home art studio is also perfectly designed and outfitted for making copper jewelry as well as the whimsical copper birds Trees is known for creating.

Plus, her tiny art studio even has a bathroom complete with a toilet, sink, and shower—which is pretty impressive for such a small, but smartly designed space. Another noticeable feature of Tree’s tiny house art studio is all of the large and uniquely shaped windows located throughout. They deliver so much natural light, you simply can’t miss them.

According to Trees, the best part of her tiny house art studio is that it’s transportable. While she loves her current location, her ultimate dream is to be a part of a co-housing arrangement someday. Since she doesn’t have any family in New Zealand, she wants to continue creating her own family nearby and the area she lives in is actually really good like that she says.

Tiny house & art studio

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