Small Kitchen Organization Tour: Pantry, Cabinets, Drawers & More

Welcome to my small kitchen organization tour, where I'll share the detailed organization of my kitchen. I've organized my cabinets for easy access. I also include my pantry organization. My drawers are also organized, so I know where everything I need is.

Kitchen cabinet organizers

Upper cabinets

Starting with the upper far left cabinet, it contains all my dishes, drinkware, and food storage containers. 

The middle upper cabinet, above the stove, contains our oils, vinegar, and backstock. I started repurposing smaller glass bottles to refill since I purchased my oils from Costco and created vinyl labels using the Cricut machine. 

Kitchen organization ideas

In the middle are my daughter's syrups for her coffee and tea drinks. On the far right, I have backstock, including the larger oils and tea and drink mixes, which refill my tea organizer on the counter and the drink containers in the pantry on the right. 

How to organize a small pantry


Speaking of the pantry, our tiny pantry is on the right, in the upper right cabinet. 

One basket contains my daughter's ramen and some curry blocks in a reusable bag. I also store my daughter's pasta here, and another basket contains my daughter's junk food.  

I have a basket that contains bag drinks, including fillable tea bags, matcha powder, boba, milk, tea mix, espresso, and the scoop and tamper. In the middle, we contain my daughter's drink mixes, brown sugar, and loose tea, with room to grow for other drink mixes and loose tea.  

We have all our spices in the pantry. I repurposed spice jars from spices I had already bought. I then purchased a bag of spices and refill them. I store my Paleo flours here by placing the open bag in the glass jars in the front. 

Organizing different types of flour

Behind these, I store my backstock of additional flour, including cassava flour, sweet potato flour, and tapioca flour. 

I have my daughter's breadcrumbs here too. I store flour, rice, and Himalayan pink salt behind the baking ingredients. I store a scoop here, which I use to scoop out the powders from the jars. 

How to organize drawers


In the first drawer on the left, I store our silverware. 

Since this drawer is below the toaster oven, I store the handle accessory here. I have some bamboo sushi mats peeking out in front of the drawer. In the back, I store our reusable straws. 

Organizing drawers in a small kitchen

I store all our cooking utensils and gadgets in the large middle drawer below the stove. 

On the left, I have our cooking utensils. I have a funnel for my spice jars and a scraper here. I also have my mandolin and its accessories.

I've had a knife organizer forever. I have my rubber spatulas, brush, meat thermometer, and wine bottle opener. Back here, I have measuring cups and spoons.

I have our stainless steel tools, a rechargeable lighter, kitchen shears, a meat tenderizer, and a multifunctional grater in another drawer.  

In the small drawer to the left of the sink, I store our linens, oven mitts, an apron, and a spare hand towel. You will notice throughout this kitchen how very minimal I keep things. 


In the small drawer to the right of the sink, I store our reusable bags and other accessories. There are snack-size bags, sandwich-size, and gallon sizes.

I have a backup lighter in case anything happens to my rechargeable one. I store the lid to one of my water jugs here while the pump is in it and the charger cord to my rechargeable lighter.

I have the charger cord to my water jug pump and label tape. I store a box grater here because it fits here. I also have my sink stopper, backup dish brush, and bottle brush. 

Organizing cabinets

Lower cabinets

In the bottom left cabinet, which is under the toaster oven, I store some small appliances. 

I placed small hooks here to hold the rotisserie accessories for my toaster oven. We have a little rice cooker and the tamper to my Vitamix, which is stored beneath the shelf. 

I use glass containers to reheat food in the toaster oven and keep those in the middle bottom cabinet under the stove. I store more small appliances along with our cookware there.

I have a saucepan there, and next to it, I store all our small appliances and appliance accessories in Dollar Tree bins, which I labeled with vinyl labels I created with the Cricut machine on the bottom shelf. I store our food processor and the juicer here in the middle. 

I have a steamer basket nested in a set of colanders, which are nested in a set of mixing bowls. 

Under-sink organization

Under sink

Now let's get into the three cabinets under the sink. I store my cleaning product ingredients in the under-sink cabinet in my kitchen. That's vinegar back here, along with distilled water.

In front of them, I have dish soap. In front of the dish soap, I have hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils. I have a paper towel roll holder inside the cabinet door. 

I have powdered cleaning product ingredients on the left, and next to those, I store my microfiber cleaning cloths, which I use for messy spills. 

Behind the stackable baskets, I store paper towel rolls and a large roll of butcher paper. I have cleaning powders that I labeled using the Cricut machine. These are Dollar Tree containers.

Small kitchen organization


I have my new toaster oven, a tea organizer, and a mini stainless steel pan containing my mortar and pestle, along with my bamboo salt box. 

On the other side is our espresso machine after my tea organizer. I have the organizer that contains everything I need for dishwashing and a little container to hold our utensils as they dry.

Small kitchen organization

There is a fruit basket and my humidifier, and that wraps up my kitchen organization tour. What tips have helped you organize your kitchen? Share in the comments below.

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