Take a Tour of This Serene Tiny Cabin in the Woods

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This is one of the coolest tiny cabins I’ve ever seen. We are staying here at this Airbnb located outside of Seattle. This tiny cabin in the woods is on a hill surrounded by this beautiful forest and everything is so fresh and green.

Tiny cabin in the woods

Tiny cabin in the woods exterior

1. The outside

This house has a boxy modern shape with a black exterior and wood accents. You walk up the steps onto a tiny deck. So let’s check out the inside for a tiny cabin tour. 

Tiny house kitchen

2. The kitchen

The black and wood theme carries indoors but with a modern, cabin-like feel. The light strips underneath the kitchen cabinets caught my eye right away. The black fridge and stove add a retro, yet modern touch.

Tiny furniture in a tiny cabin

3. Tiny furniture

There’s a tiny table with two stools that pull out from under the table when in use. They push back under the table so you can better use the space. It’s perfect for a very small space.

Tiny cabin living room

4. Living room

The vaulted ceiling makes it feel more spacious. But the wood on the ceiling makes it feel warm, cozy, and cabin-like with a modern touch. This tiny house is small but doesn’t feel like it with all the windows in the living room.

There are five windows and a glass door in the living room alone. When you’re in the house, you’re constantly aware of your surroundings because of all the windows. It’s a very green, calming, and serene space.

Tiny tv stand

5. Tiny tv stand

The tv in the living room is mounted on a streamlined, modern stand that doesn’t take up much space. There’s no Wi-Fi, though, which is a positive thing because you want to unplug and just feel immersed in nature.

Outside patio

6. Outside patio

Outside the living room is a lovely, large deck and a gorgeous view. The view at sunset is amazing.

Loft space in a tiny home

7. Loft space

There’s a reading nook under the window, a wood and black metal bed frame that matches the rest of the house. It’s so airy and doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all. The windows are at eye level and just expand the space because your eyes just look at the horizon.

Tiny house bathroom

8. Bathroom

This cute bathroom has what’s called an incinerating toilet. It’s not scary and there are no flames.

But an incinerating toilet is a type of toilet that burns waste instead of flushing with water, which is used in spaces where there’s no access to plumbing. This bathroom is a perfect size.

Tiny cabin in the woods

That is the whole tiny house cabin in the woods! Staying here was an amazing experience. Would you love to stay here and connect with nature? Let me know in the comments below!

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