How Are This Family of 4 Living Full-Time in a DIY Jeep & Trailer?

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Meet a family of four living in a Jeep! After several short camping trips, Julie and Chris and their boys, Freddy and Oliver, realized they loved the outdoors and life on the road.

Now, they live full-time in their Jeep, named Spirit, and a trailer, named Opportunity. The family camper trailer was named after the Mars rovers. Every part of the build was done to maximize space and was fully DIY.

The family is living in a Jeep

The Jeep has a Patriot Fastback roof for extra height. On the roof are solar panels and a Starlink terminal. Hanging from the underside of the Jeep’s ceiling, are more than 50 pouches. There is a screen at the front for navigation, video-conferencing, and watching television.

An air compressor and sway bars allow the vehicle’s tires to transition to less navigable roads. The trunk holds a comprehensive first aid kit, clothing shelves, and a modular kitchen.

The kitchen includes a prep space, a Coleman stove, a refrigerator, chairs, and a table. It all pulls out of the car’s trunk, like drawers. The Jeep’s appliances and kitchen run on solar, but can also use the engine to recharge.

Surprisingly, the family bought the trailer from Craigslist. The military trailer holds a spare tire, a 25-gallon water system, and cases of supplies (and legos).

For bathroom usage, the trailer has a pull-out shower tent and a foldable, compact, bathroom seat. It also holds a sleeping tent. The tent can rise to up to nine feet in the air and is equipped with electric lights, and a skylight for stargazing.

The family loves living the nomadic family camper trailer lifestyle. Julie explains, “I don’t have plans anymore. I have goals.”

Family living in a Jeep & trailer

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