How Family RV Living Can Be a Great Way to Become Debt-Free

by Simplify

Sylvester, Karen, and their adorable son Aiden are showing that family RV living can be a great way to be debt-free.

Thanks to the cost-cutting measures the family was able to take with the move from a traditional home to their family RV, Sylvester and Karen have been able to pay down debt while traveling and home-schooling their son.

One of the things Karen loves is that when she teaches Aiden about a topic, he can then go out and learn about that topic firsthand, such as learning about the presidents and visiting Mount Rushmore.

Family RV living under the stars

The kitchen is the hub of the home for this family, so they put a kitchen island in the middle of the main room, with a double sink. There’s also a coffee station that Sylvester uses for his morning coffee.

When preparing food, there is a sink cover that can be used as extra counter space, and the counter can also be extended if necessary. Sometimes they put dirty dishes in the sink and use the sink covers to cover up the mess until they get a chance to wash the dishes!

The living area has two reclining seats and a big couch that can fit all three of them, making it perfect for movie nights. The electric fireplace keeps the area nice and toasty, and with a button, you can make it turn different colors - Aiden loves turning it blue because that’s his favorite color.

Aiden has a couch that is great for watching TV or playing Nintendo during the day but turns into a bed at night. There is also a queen-size loft area that is perfect for Aiden to have sleepovers with his friends, and a bedroom with a king-size bed for the parents.

The RV features an external overhead awning for shade that the family uses to cook outside or hang out together outside when the weather is nice; sometimes they roast marshmallows together out there.

Family RV living

The best part of family RV living is that Karen and Sylvester were able to pay off over $200,000 in debt by moving into the RV and cutting their expenses. They call it the best decision they made, and love how a frugal lifestyle allows them to spend more time together.

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  • MISSMAC IN TX MISSMAC IN TX on Oct 02, 2022

    This whole idea is driven by lack of AFFORDABLE permanent housing, and governments overtaxing home owners. Nomadic lifestyles existed 1000’s of years ago, continue today in RVing communities and Roma/Irish Travelers in the US. It does look like societal changes are pushing people into new life choices just to survive here. This solution for this family has many hidden dangers. No protection from high winds, tornadoes or hurricanes. It is vulnerable to theft and break in…with no secure protection from gunfire. It has the benefit of travel opportunities to explore the diversity of our nation, and perhaps other countries as well.

    Urban planners need to zone for these people, who may need to utilize stable connections to internet, water, sewer, and electricity to support this trend. In DFW, more of these RV parks are arising, as more people visit the Metroplex and work here, but do not wish to lease or buy…or pay high extended stay hotel prices.