This Remodeled 1976 Dodge RV is Full of Family Heirlooms

by Simplify

When Kenny saw an old 1976 Dodge RV sitting on the road while out riding his bicycle, he took it home and used it as a way of fulfilling his traveling dreams. This remodeled vintage camper was handmade using many of Kenny’s family heirlooms, giving the 1976 Dodge a warm, homey feeling that reminds Kenny of many childhood memories.

His dad’s office bookcase became overhead cabinets, and the old cedar chest his great-grandfather made for his grandmother as a hope chest was used to make a bed/couch. Kenny’s grandma’s checkerboard also became a foldable table. These personalized touches help the restored vintage camper feel like home.

The RV’s 400 Chrysler motor gets 8 miles to the gallon and can be noisy, but Kenny also finds it extremely fun to drive, especially with the “hot rod” noises the engine makes upon starting! So far, he’s managed to haul the 1976 Dodge RV over some rough terrain. 

As part of the old camper remodel, Kenny had to tear out the old RV body, leaving him space to engage in a substantial renovation. He added outdoor storage that holds two propane tanks with a water pump and heater, which provide hot and cold running water that can be used as an outdoor shower or as part of a kitchen setup. 

One of the most innovative features of this old camper remodel is the fold-up patio that can be stored when the 1976 Dodge RV camper is in motion. When the camper is parked, the back doors swing out onto the patio, where Kenny can sit and enjoy the fresh air. 

There is also a fold-down roof that extends the space when the van is parked but can be safely stored when it’s time to travel.

Vintage RV remodel

Kenny’s favorite spot in the RV is his bed in the cabin’s upper compartment, where he can look out of the window and enjoy the view. He also has an old map he can pull down and use as a bedroom curtain when he wants some privacy.

1976 Dodge RV remodel

Overall, Kenny is enjoying living the van life, carrying the heirlooms of his family’s past with him as he travels into the future.

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