How Did He Turn a School Bus Into a Log Cabin Tiny House on Wheels?

by Simplify

Brian’s log cabin tiny house inside a school bus is an incredible ride!

The story starts with Brian designing his own short bus tiny home conversion for his school bus home “Wuzabus”. That experience inspired him to start helping others with their own school bus conversions. So, he created an in-bus log tool shed with built-in electric power to help him to do work from the bus. This allows Brian to travel around the country in his bus, doing conversions for people on-site.

In this video, he explains the work process behind his log cabin skoolie interior:

The tool shed isn’t the only rustic touch on this school bus design: There’s also a rooftop deck with a propane firepit that fits in with the cabin aesthetic. Brian uses it to host rooftop BBQs for friends. The deck has storage equipment for Brian’s sports gear, which comes in handy because he loves to snowboard.

The bus is 28 feet long, with 7 windows. It has an Allison Transmission and a 2005 Duramax diesel engine, averaging 8-9 miles per gallon. The high chassis means there’s plenty of room for under-box storage.

Short bus tiny home conversion

The skoolie has an open layout, giving it a roomy feel. When you walk in, you can see the kitchen and lounge area. The interior is full of fun touches, such as the counters that Brian made using a slab of wood from his hometown; he added epoxy and torched it black and blue to make a river pattern. The backsplash also looks like stone.

It’s designed with comfort in mind, with a 24-inch TV on a swivel mount and a fridge/freezer on-hand, perfect for grabbing an ice cream while watching Netflix. The bus also has a queen size bed, which was important to Brian. He chose to start the build with the bed, and worked from there.

Log cabin tiny house on wheels

The uniqueness of this build lies in the way it was custom-designed to fit Brian’s lifestyle; he now drives around using his own log cabin tool shed to help others build their own skoolie conversions to fit their individual needs and experiences.

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