11 Essential RV Tips and Tricks For a Stress-Free Moving Day

by Five2Go

We are in the middle of a moving day and driving to a new destination. So, we want to share some RV tips and tricks with you guys on how to make moving day more fun and get you from point A to point B in a good frame of mind.

The 2/2/2 or 3/3/3 rule

1. The 2/2/2 rule

Some people have a 2/2/2 or 3/3/3 rule. What that means is they like to travel for less than 200 or 300 miles, stay for a minimum of two or three nights, and make sure to arrive before 2pm or 3pm.

In general, we don’t adhere to all those rules exactly, but we do have our own rules we like to stick to:

  • We try to cover 200 to 300 miles on travel days but that doesn’t always happen. If you need to be somewhere by a certain day, you should try to stick to that, so you arrive on time and stress-free.
  • Making sure to arrive at a destination by 2pm or 3pm is not something we adhere to, but we always try to arrive before dark for safety reasons. You might not know the area you are rolling into, so it's best to get there before dark.
  • Staying a minimum of two or three nights is a rule we do agree with. If you are traveling to see things, you're going to need at least two nights, so you have a full day in between to enjoy the sites and be a tourist.

Whatever rules you want to set for yourselves, expect to break them, so try to have realistic expectations.

How to entertain kids in an RV

2. Entertain the kids

When traveling with children of any age, make sure that they have something to occupy their time. You want to be able to focus on the road and not on entertaining your kids.

If they are bored, they will start bouncing around which is dangerous or they will bother you while you are focusing on driving and navigating. Instead, have activities to keep them busy.

We personally allow our kids unlimited screen time during travel days but if that’s not your thing, then definitely bring a few games, toys, and books to keep them happy.

Tips for RV travelers

3. Use your kitchen

To offset those high gas prices, prepare meals in your RV. We have the generator running so we can use the microwave, cooktop, or pressure cooker to prepare meals with fresh food from the fridge. This makes travel days a lot easier and brings down costs.

Full-time RV living tips

4. Do a walkaround

I like to step outside whenever we stop and walk around my entire setup to make sure everything is still okay and attached. I am checking that no bays are open and that my car and bikes are still fastened properly.

Eating before arriving at a campground

5. Don’t arrive hungry

Try not to arrive at a campground on an empty stomach. Getting to your campground does not mean your day is done; you still need to set everything up and that is stressful. Make sure you have had a meal before arriving so that you are not short-fused. It will make setting up a more pleasant experience.

RV hacks and tips

6. Know your route

A good full-time RV living tip for the driver is to know your routes separate from the navigational software you are using. These programs are great and make the driving experience a lot easier, however, in general, they work out your ETA based on the speed limit of the road you will be traveling.

You might drive slower than what the software assumes and therefore not arrive at the time you expected. Make sure to calculate the drive yourself so you have realistic expectations.

Using an RV with the slides closed

7. Using your RV with the slides closed

What we're talking about is being able to move around inside with the slides closed. When you drive, all the slides come in. It really is nice to have extra space to move and be able to access certain areas when traveling. If you can get an RV that is a little roomier when the slides are closed, seriously consider it.

Securing everything in the RV before moving

8. Secure everything

Before starting your journey makes sure to secure cabinets, drawers, and the fridge. These doors tend to open when you drive, and you do not want everything ending up on the floor.

We use toddler safety locks on the cabinet and fridge doors and for the freezer drawer, we use a tension rod. They work well and are easy enough to use if the kids need to get something themselves.

RV living tips with pets

9. Get out and walk your pets

You never know what's going to happen down the road. You may be stuck in traffic forever and your pets might need to go. So, always make sure to take them out of the RV whenever you stop.

Filling up on water before moving an RV

10. Bring water

This is an essential RV living tip in my opinion. One of the things we love most about traveling in an RV is you always have a nice clean, private, bathroom.

The trick is to fill up your water tank so your water pump gets it all moving. You can buy a little meter for your hose that tells you how much water is going through it.

I suggest filling up your tank, with five or ten gallons of water, which should be enough to flush the toilet for a day or two. You will not have to use dirty restrooms and you’ll be a very happy traveler.

RV tips and tricks for moving day

11. Plan your gas stops

The final tip is to know where you're going to stop and get gas. RVs are very large vehicles and need space to maneuver. It's really a matter of finding places that you can fit into and more importantly, get out of. You can go to truck stops; that have lanes made for very large vehicles and these stops are not just for truckers. The trick is to get your gas and move. Don't sit there and take up a whole lane.

RV tips and tricks for moving day

Those are our moving day tips for RV travelers. We hope you leave here a little wiser and use our RV tips and tricks on your next travel day. Maybe you already knew some of these ideas or have some others to share. We would love to hear those in the comments.

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