Stocking Stuffers: The 10 Best Gifts for RV Owners

We're Stan and Rhonda from Over the Hill Adventures, and today we are going to talk about the best gifts for RV owners. We’ve come up with ten stocking stuffers that your favorite RVer may need.

The following are RV stocking stuffers that will be perfect for anyone on your gift list with an RV. Some of these things were gifts given to us through the years, so I thought that would be something fun to share with you that we enjoyed.

KOA gift card

1. KOA gift card

Number one is a KOA gift card. KOA for us was extremely valuable this past year. KOA campgrounds are pretty much everywhere that you're going to go if you're going to go to the bigger destinations.

If someone has the membership already, what they can do is hold on to the gift card, then they can use it when their membership expires and it's time for renewal. So they can use it for membership, or they can use it at any KOA campground. 

Gas gift card

2. Gas gift card

Number two, and it might not be the best with the way the gas prices are today, but a gas card? Yes. This would help your RVer so much, especially during these times when gas prices are the highest. 

Popular RV shopping gift cards

3. Popular RV shopping gift cards 

Number three kind of falls in that same line as a gift card, but something very specific would be a Walmart gift card because a lot of RVs end up stopping at Walmart because they have big parking lots.

They've got the super Walmarts they can get their RV supplies. They can get groceries, and clothing, if they need them. Don't just limit it to Walmart. Think about Cabela's. Think about Cracker Barrel. These are all places RVers stop.

Gifts for RV owners

4. Wine tumbler

I'm going to share something that I received as a gift and I love that would fit into a stocking. It's a wine tumbler. I guess I could put hot coffee in this also. I'm not an avid wine drinker, but I do on occasion have a glass and this keeps it nice and cold. It says, "I Can Wine All I Want I'm Retired!"

National Park gift card

5. National Park gift card

Number five is a national park gift card. So, what is that? When you go to national parks, you could either pay $30 for your entrance fee, or you can get a national park annual card, which we did for $80. That'll get you into every national park.

Ronnie and I did ten national parks. Can you imagine the cost of that? When we went to Yellowstone, it was for seven days and we were going in and out of that park like crazy. A National Park gift card would be appreciated by almost any RVer.

LED headlamp

6. LED headlamp

I usually have my spot lamp, but I just got this headlamp from Amazon. This lights everything up, especially when you change a flat tire. This is a great practical gift. Every RVer should get one of these. They were not that expensive.

When we were doing one of our fix-it jobs underneath the sink, the spotlight was always getting in the way. This one is so streamlined, and it doesn't get in the way. It's super bright and does the job. 

Fun gifts for the RVer

7. Fun camping gear

Another gift that I received from my daughter-in-law was this wonderful hat, and it says Happy Camper on it. You can get hats that have all kinds of things personalized on them. You could also get T-shirts. I love leaving this hat in the RV, and it's my happy camping hat. 

RV gift ideas

8. Voltmeter

Number eight is another practical stocking stuffer, a voltmeter. These are small, and they can always be used if you have something go out and you're trying to figure out if you're getting power to it. Can't leave home without it. What would go together with this is a little case of fuses. 

Gifts for RV owners

9. Portable hammock 

Next up is a portable hammock. Ours happens to be a double hammock. This was also a gift to us, something we may never have bought for ourselves, but we got a chance to use this at the Grand Canyon North Rim.

It's fantastic. It was so comfortable and relaxing. It comes with all the hooks and the ropes and the straps and things that you need to wrap around each tree and get in it. 

The best gifts for RV owners

10. GoPro camera

Last but not least, the stocking stuffer of the year for RVers is a GoPro. We were so impressed with this little camera. The stabilization and the color are great on these guys. It's waterproof, so you can go underwater.

Most importantly, you can document memories. If you want to upload something to YouTube, you can make it private and share it with just your family. You can make your little memories and they’ll be saved forever.

The best gifts for RV owners

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best gifts for RV owners. They’re practical, fun, and gifts that any RVer will appreciate. You can spend as little or as much as your budget allows and still give a thoughtful gift to an RV owner.

What is your favorite thing for your RV that would make a great gift? Share with us in the comments!

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